Faux Sure

March 13, 2017

When it comes to embodying more of this minimalism trend, I do struggle to part with certain pieces.  I have LOVED clearing out our place of clutter and when it came to our kitchen, for example, I have seen a direct correlation between getting rid of excess and actually using our kitchen gadgets because we can see/access them.  Which, I know will be the case with my wardrobe as well, but how does one not go into personal style crisis whilst trying to purge clothing items?  This coat, for instance, was in my donate pile.  I was SURE that I was done with leopard print faux fur.  Of course, I didn’t get rid of it fast enough, saw that leopard print calling my name recently, and have worn it a bunch the past few weeks.  Why is it so challenging to decipher between what you ACTUALLY won’t wear, and what you haven’t worn in a while, but will one day resurface as a must have?  The are the ridiculous questions that I have in life.

I know I haven’t been around as per usual, and I’m really sorry about that.  I blame this harsh winter for throwing me off, but blog-wise, I had some stuff to sort out.  And I firmly believe that if you need to pause and recharge in order to produce quality content, then that’s exactly what should be done.  Time away is better than putting out posts that I don’t feel good about.  After a few weeks of behind the scenes work, I’m feeling energized and ready to get back to our regular scheduled programming.  See you lots this week, hope that’s cool with you! xo

Photos by Alexandra Grant

Black Tee from PLEN+Y, similar here
Faux Leopard Coat from Plum, similar here
‘Mom’ Jeans from Old Navy, similar here
Black boots from Steve Madden
‘Mim’ Glasses from Bailey Nelson
Cross Body Bag c/o Ted Baker, similar here

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  • Robynn March 13, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    Love you’re look. I’m from Victoria, wondering what the style of old navy pant is? Did you get recently?
    Just discovered your blog yesterday! Looking forward to exploring your looks.

    • Alicia March 22, 2017 at 11:33 am

      Hi Robynn! So glad you found me! The Old Navy jeans are unfortunately from last year, but I linked to a similar style. I’ll keep a look out at local stores as well xo