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Photograph by Ainsley Rose

 F O R  T H E  E V E R Y D A Y  F A S H I O N I S T A

You might find the reader at the University library temporarily avoiding her studies, at the trendy coffee shop downtown sipping on a latte, or at a lounge enjoying cocktails with a few co-workers.  She's confident and put together, buys bouquets of flowers for her place just because, and is already planning her next trip to New York.  She can't tell you what she ordered for dinner last Thursday, but could probably describe to you in detail what she was wearing that evening.  Sound like your kind of gal?  Well then, I'm currently offering...

Brand Collaborations
Product Reviews
Social Media Campaigns
Event Hosting

*Please note that though I am based in Vancouver, I am willing to travel.

If you're interested, below are just a few quick stats.  Please contact me at to request a media kit and to make any partnership inquiries.  And you know what?  I'm so glad we're doing this!

Q U I C K  S T A T S :

Subscribers 1,805+
Twitter 6,286+
Instagram 5,270+
Facebook 1,345+
Pinsterest 1,160+

P R E S S:

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