Classic White Shirt

posted on: June 30, 2015


The Details // Photos by Olivia Quan
White Button Up Shirt, The Archetype (sadly, they just shut their doors..)
Emma Boyfriend Jeans, Mavi
White Pumps, Zumel & Co
Sunglasses, Le Chateau
Envelope Clutch, Matt & Nat (old)
Bracelet, Olive + Piper

whiteshirt05 whiteshirt02 whiteshirt04

I had to search all over this damn town for a white shirt that works!  Being blessed/cursed with a large bust means that wearing anything with buttons down the front is a gamble.  Inevitably, "the girls" burst through, incredible Hulk styles, exposing your undergarments, and turn a conservative look into something quite scandalous (and embarrassing).  This particular problem is especially disappointing while hunting for an oversized button up blouse.  Designers seem to have quite a different opinion on what 'oversized' means, because a lot of the time, what's supposed to fit large, just barely accommodates the bosom.  Cue this lovely white button up shirt that I stumbled upon last month.  It's roomy!  It's crisp white!  It's actually oversized on me!  I'm a petite little bird!  No really, there is something so liberating about wearing a menswear inspired top that neglects to show off my figure.  When paired with my large glasses and a red lip colour, I truly feel comfortable and confident.  I call this one my artist's blouse now because I feel like this is what a super cool artist would wear.  I'm not one, so maybe that's way off, but maybe just let me have this one.

5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To #RunMore

posted on: June 26, 2015


Running was never my favourite activity growing up.  It's probably thanks to the remnants of traumatizing 'Fitness Fridays' where my school crush would laugh as he out lapped me.  Now that I'm an adult, I know how to run with asthma.  A sporadic 5k just doesn't work for me.  It takes time and effort to build my lungs up to be in shape enough for longer distance jogs.  And I've since learned to love running.  That feeling when your feet hit the pavement, the wind blowing past you as you dash towards you objectives.  Sometimes I can't help but run with a giant smile on my face just because it feels THAT amazing!

In celebration of adidas, a platform for urban runners to step their game up, I thought I'd share some things that I do to stay focused.  On those days when running feels rather stale, or it seems like staying in bed > everything, I use these 5 motivators to help get my butt outside!

1. Set Running Goals

I'm still in the early training days right now, so I very much rely on the goals I set for myself.  It's these self made boundaries that keep me pushing to go those extra few strides.  I've found plenty of really great resources on Pinterest like this one and this one for other beginners.  If you're a bit more advanced, I have some friends who sign up for half/full marathons and train towards that.  It's up to you, it's your own journey!


2. Download A Fresh Playlist

I don't know about you, but music is key to a successful run!  Some days I'm really into hip hop, other days I crave top 40 remixes and then sometimes I'm all about indie rock.  Then there are those angry days when I put Death From Above 1979 on full blast and run as far and fast as I can!  The beauty of Spotify is that you can create your own playlists for all your different running moods!  I'm always looking for new tunes, do you have any current recommendations?

3. Invest In Some Running Gear

I AM a fashionista, so my running #ootd is actually very important to me psychologically.  I was never an athlete, but putting on the right exercise attire can sure make me feel like one!  It's also very important to get fitted for the right running shoe for yourself for both comfort and to help avoid injury.  These adidas energy boost ESM 2 shoes are really great, I'd definitely recommend!


4. Train With An Awesome Running Buddy

As a beginner, finding someone who is patient and wants to help was basically my only option.  Thank goodness for an easygoing pal like To Vogue Or Bust!  Once I work on this a little bit longer, I have other friends who've offered to join me on a run as well, it's really so special.  Though I still prefer to go alone as I train my lungs (and legs), it can really help mix up the usual solo run.

5. Find New Running Routes

Nothing makes me more excited for a run than a change of scenery!  Here in beautiful Vancouver, the Sea Wall is always a favourite, but sometimes I like to mix it up with nearby tracks.  Sometimes even just running through your neighbourhood can be a welcome change.  The good news is, that if you post on instagram while on your favourite running route and use the adidas #runmore hashtag, you could WIN some adidas gear!


Photos by Alexandra // adidas Canada running gear c/o

Alexandra has some awesome tips for those who are a bit beyond the beginner running phase, be sure to check her post out here.  What are some of your motivators to exercise?

Old Meets New

posted on: June 25, 2015


The Details // Photos by Alexandra
Mustard Blazer, Vintage
Blouse, Aritzia
Leather Shorts, Club Monaco
Sunglasses, Zara / similar
Black 'Monirra' Pumps, Ted Baker
Bag, Phillip Lim for Target
Bracelet, Olive + Piper

mustard07 mustard09 mustard10 mustard11 mustard12 mustard05

The funny thing is, that when you finally take the time to tidy and organize your closet, you can actually find your clothes!  It's the craziest concept.  This whole week has been about putting outfits together that mix old forgotten favourites with fresh pieces.  Worn this vintage mustard blazer a thousand times, but pairing it with my leather shorts makes it feel brand new again!  I do LOVE having a clean bedroom, it makes getting ready 100% better.  It's a wonder why I don't do this more often...?  I'm also feeling completely re-energized thanks to my hair cut and style at TRiM Hair Salon on Tuesday.   Really hadn't noticed how overgrown my mane was until it was thinned out and layered.  I'm so happy to be able to take some time to get my life back in order, hallelujah!

Don't know if I mentioned it earlier, but I'm also on Snapchat now as @a_fashionista.  I resisted joining the Snap world for so long but can now say that I'm fully addicted!  Call me an old lady, but I think I chose not to like it because I didn't really understand how it worked.  Got with the times now and I love making stories.  Be sure to follow along and let me know what your SC name is so we can be Snapchat buddies!

Summertime LBD

posted on: June 23, 2015


The Details // Photos by Alexandra
Little Black Dress, LOFT
Monirra Pointed Court Shoes, Ted Baker
Reni Exotic Leather Clutch, Ted Baker
Red Lipstick, Lise Watier

littleblackdress02 littleblackdress03 littleblackdress04

The ease of the little black dress is just something I'll always love, no matter what.  Even in the heat of the summer, it's so simple (and forgiving) to throw on a favourite LBD and take on the day!  Not quite what yesterday was like for me though.  I decided to tackle the incredible disaster that was our bedroom, so I basically lived in workout gear.  Ever since the insurance company moved our things back into the apartment, I've had to go through, one room at a time, and re-organize and purge.  The bedroom was the most daunting room of all, since my closet had spilled out onto the floor, and I wasn't exactly NOT bringing new things in.  There was one point right in the thick of cleaning, where it honestly seemed impossible and I didn't think I could ever complete it.  I kept having to repeat 'things must get worse before they get better' until the makeover was complete.  It honestly happens to me every year, it's like I NEVER learn!  Maybe I need to adopt this capsule closet lifestyle?  Anyway, the bedroom looks so great now and I finally have my summer clothes readily accessible, just in time for the begging of the season - woot!  Hope your week is off to a great start :)

The Last Dance

posted on: June 20, 2015


It had been such a casual, fleeting moment.  That afternoon in 1990 when my mom came upstairs to ask me if I'd like to join dance.  I paused and looked up only to shrug, "Okay," as I continued to play with my dolls.  I remember bits of it too, those first classes, even though I would've only been 4 years old.  It often happens that way.  These tiny, insignificant little things that end up being an absolutely life changing moment in time.

For 25 years, the dance studio has been my second home.  Inside those stone grey walls and through the blue door, is a place where I learned discipline, nurtured my creativity, and experienced incredible triumph.  I've been a butterfly, an international spy, and a cavewoman.  I've done a Ukranian Waltz, a Cell Block Tango, and demanded R-E-S-P-E-C-T (in tap shoes, no less).  I formed lifelong friendships that will forever be bonded together by our memories on the stage and in the classroom.

And my goodness, what dance has done for me, for so many of us.  It's so much more than callused feet and a means of exercise.  It's not all hair spray and cattiness.  Dance is a character builder.  It's a way of life.  It taught me the value of practice and hard work.  Doing the same thing over and over and over again until you think that if you hear the song one more time your head might explode!  I learned what it meant to be part of a team.  That a routine is nothing unless you support each other because if one of you struggles, everyone will suffer.  Dancing gave me an invaluable drive within my soul that is still with me to this day.  That inner voice that wants to do better, that KNOWS I can do better.  It taught me how to multitask.  Balancing several classes and choreography, my mind full of commands to stretch knees, point toes, lift heels, suck it in, and faces, darn it, do not forget to smile!  Dance brought me out of my shell, especially when I graduated from the volunteer program to become a full fledged teacher.  To gain the courage to instruct an entire dance class gave me this voice that I'm not sure would otherwise have the strength to exist.  Most importantly, I learned all the lyrics to The Little Mermaid's 'Part Of Your World' and Beauty And The Beast's 'Be Our Guest'.  It's the little things, remember?

I will mourn my dance career.  The "FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT," and seeing the smiling face of a child who just learned how to do a shuffle.  I'll yearn for the stories from the pre-schoolers and the laughter I'd get from the SAME joke I tell every single year. "Criss-cross banana sauce?  Blueberry sauce?", I ask cluelessly, "Haha no, Miss Alicia," they say between giggles, "It's criss-cross APPLE sauce!"

This morning, I will make my very last trip out to 1971 McLean Ave.  I will say goodbye to those stone grey walls and that blue door.  I'll wave farewell to my dance family, and my second home. Thankful for every single dancer I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with, and forever changed because of every dancer I've had the pleasure of teaching.  Thank you mom, for asking that simple, yet life changing question all those years ago.

It's the last dance.  The end of an era.  As difficult as it is to say au revoir, it truly is time.  Thank you again for everything.

*curtsey and...curtain close*

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