The Winter Uniform

January 17, 2018

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Comfort is the key to winter, my friends.

I work from home a lot, especially justified at this time of year, so it’s a miracle if I’m not in loungewear.  Legit wore my pj’s to a movie last week but in fairness a) they were fresh out of the wash b) my pyjamas are leggings and a men’s crewneck sweatshirt, so it’s not THAT noticeable c) no one could tell anyway because my outfit was hidden under a giant puffy coat.  What I’m getting at, is that if I can find an outfit that is comfortable and somehow salvages my standard leggings and oversized top into anything even remotely chic, then I must tell you about it.

Admittedly, I’ve worn this exact combo several times in the past few weeks because it is my new winter uniform.  I love how this Vancouver designed and made Emma Knudsen wool jacket is in a warm, bright cream colour because it automatically cheers up the all-black ensembles I rock in the wintertime (it’s also on SALE right now at 40% off, so I’d scoop one of these up before they’re all gone).  Plus, I saw Shay Merritt from Jillian Harris’s team rocking it, so you KNOW it’s good.   I definitely want to recreate Shay’s look soon because pretty sure I own almost everything she’s paired with the jacket.  I love when that happens!  Emma just restocked this beautiful piece and in terms of fit, I’m wearing a size Large and like the oversized fit, but could have easily done a Medium comfortably.

I pair mine with, as I mentioned, all black, including these faux leather leggings.  They’re one of my favourite winter capsule wardrobe pieces, as they’re actually fleece lined and equal parts function and fashion.  The waistband is high enough that they don’t roll down my waist every time I move and the coated fabric has been surprisingly durable.  I am so happy with them that I’m already thinking I should snag another pair before the season’s over.  They also have fleece lined athletic leggings (on SALE!) here, here, and here.  Ooh, and as I’m browsing I see that they also have maternity fleece lined leggings, if that’s your current (or future) need.  Someone take my computer away before I’m buying maternity leggings just in case I ever decide to get pregnant LOL.  I got the (non-maternity) faux leather leggings in my usual size Large and they fit really, really well.

Ultimately, everything feels a bit fancier with a touch of sparkle, which is why I love wearing my this cutie Rebecca Minkoff Mini Bag.  It’s neutral but punchy and I found it on sale last month, such a score.  It seems that Shopbop is currently sold out, but I’ll keep an eye out for you!

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What I Wore 2017

January 3, 2018

These lewks are sooooo last year 🙊

Last January, I made a list of fashion resolutions that I, of course, had not looked at or even thought of until I started writing this post.  One year later, I realize that I actually kept most of them in check!  Except for the bit about wearing high heels more often, because forget that.  I just don’t have the motivation to be a few inches taller for all that discomfort.  Though I do now notice the irony of me wearing pumps in the top photo.  You’ll get more of the story on that if you scroll to the end of this post.

I haven’t done an outfit roundup in years and I thought it’d be fun to break things down by season.  Scrolling through these looks, it was definitely a bit more of a minimal year style-wise.  I mostly stuck to basics and jazzed things up a bit with accessories.  This has helped me streamline my wardrobe and invest in lasting pieces instead of constantly indulging in fast fashion.  I like to infuse some trends in there, of course, but I’m doing what I can to minimize the overspending and overconsumption, which is also why I tend to repeat pieces and wear things I’ve owned for years.  I always try to link to similar when I can, but if you have any specific questions about outfits, let me know!

This is only a snapshot of what I wore in 2017, of course. If you click on the STYLE tab on the top menu bar, it’ll take you through a preview of all the outfits I’ve featured, well, ever.  Hope you enjoy these seasonal OOTD’s and I look forward to chatting 2018 with you all tomorrow!

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The Best and Worst of 2017

January 2, 2018

honest review of 2017, alicia fashionista, vancouver writer

2017 was somewhere in between, and that’s okay.

The past 365 (+2) days were all about unfolding and transition.  Which makes for a kind of “not our best but not our worst” sort of year and truthfully those are even more important than the ones that are full of only happy memories and important milestones.  In general, this year was a lot of freaking hard work behind the scenes.  Which, I suppose I haven’t shared a ton about because when you’re in the throes of it all, it’s tough to take any time to reflect.

2017 was about putting time and effort into bettering ourselves (I say ‘our’ because this journey has largely been alongside close friends and my husband), which hasn’t been for nothing.  Ending last year, I felt stronger, more confident, and full of gratitude to have gone through so much growth and with such incredible support.  I’m starting this new year full of pride for what was endured and optimistic for the future.  So, before I get too much into what’s ahead, let’s first look back on what was.

(Top photo from our anniversary photo shoot with White Linen Photography)

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Packable Winter Jacket

December 29, 2017

The Lolë Emeline Jacket is warm, packable goodness.

I’d ordered my Lolë packable black jacket as last minute impulse buy before Europe.  I couldn’t justify paying upwards of $30 for rush shipping, so I took the risk that I might not get the jacket in time.  The day I was jetting off, I left my apartment for only a few hours to drop Reggie at my parent’s house.  Sure enough, I came home to a delivery attempt notice.  I totally meant to leave a note at our front entrance telling them to just leave a package for me at the door, but forgot in the chaos.  Isn’t that always the way?

It is too bad, as this would have come in really handy for my cold destination carry-on only packing.  I wore the same winter coat for the full 2 weeks, so having another option would have been nice.  Though, not having it allowed me a tiny bit of a room to do some shopping, so it all worked out.

For a weekend getaway or longer haul trip, it’s essential to have a practical coat like this that can be stored away into a tiny little ball (there’s a demonstration of how compact the jacket gets if you scroll down to the bottom of this post).  Even just for coat variety alone, as I mentioned.  I’ve also thrown it on as a lighter option for walks and hikes.  This particular style from Lolë has pockets, a sturdy zipper, a hood, and it actually does provide some warmth.  The price point is reasonable considering how much function and fashion you’re getting out of one piece and it packs away without any trouble.

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