Love For Athleisure

posted on: January 28, 2015


The Details // Photos by Alex
Hat, H&M
'Wasting My Young Years' Tee, London Grammar
Faux Leather Jacket, Joe Fresh
Wunder Under Crop Pants, Lululemon

athleisure08 athleisure07 athleisure03 athleisure09

My love for the athleisure trend just keeps growing and growing.  I think these Nikes might just be my favourite purchase of last year.  They're so chic and practical all at the same time, really glad we made the investment.  I say we, because Adam most definitely got matching ones.  Personally, I take my athleisure wear from an active day of errands, straight to the gym or a class.  It's just crucial for me to be ready to go for my workouts, or trust me - I'll never do them.  Paired with a blanket scarf, this is also my favourite casual airport attire lately.  In fact, I'll be wearing this combination with a giant winter coat to YVR tomorrow.  I'm catching a flight to New York City for a really quick, but totally amazing 48 hour trip!  And I cannot express to you how excited I am, especially since the current blizzard situation nearly cancelled things altogether.  If you have any must-see/eat/shop recommendations, definitely let me know, and be sure to keep up with my day to day #AFxNYC adventures on insta @aliciafashionista!

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P.P.S. Alexandra also has an amazing athleisure look up on To Vogue Or Bust today!  Be sure to check it out here.

In A Fog

posted on: January 22, 2015


The Details // Photos by Alex
Black and White Blouse, TOPSHOP (majorly on sale here)
Denim, P L E N + Y / similar
'Martina' Pumps, Nine West
Color Block Purse, Le Chateau / similar
Camel Coat, TOP SHOP / similar
Double Pearl Earrings, Le Chateau / similar

inthefog08 inthefog09 inthefog04 inthefog07 inthefog05

I know they always warn us about how long January is, but it really isn't understandable until you're right in the middle of it.  We're one month into winter and I feel like I've already mentally skipped spring and am onto summer.  I literally wore shorts yesterday (albeit, with tights) and 'couldn't believe' how cold I was.   Needless to say, I'm sick of this season and my closet that goes with it.  And, it's only mild weather here!  I honestly don't know how you East Coasters do it.  I'm headed that way next week and am definitely ill prepared for those frigid temperatures.  I don't even think that I own a 'real' winter coat that could actually keep me warm.  Packing should be real fun.

How do you keep your winter wardrobe interesting without breaking the bank?

WELCOME TO #2015STRONG + A Full Body Workout

posted on: January 21, 2015


Tata Tamer Sports Bra, Lululemon // 'Elle est forte' Tank, She Is Clothing c/o // Runners, Nike Air Max Thea

You guys are amazing.  The amount of interest in #2015STRONG is overwhelming and exactly what kept me motivated at the gym today.  Every time I wanted to give up mid-set, I'd remind myself that we're all in this together and it's so wonderful!

Meray from My Reward Fitness has given us some amazing tools to get us all started.  If you're feeling lost at the gym like myself, or simply bored with the same old moves, it's time to shake things up!  We've got a video outlining some moves we used in our full body workout that I think you'll really like.  I hadn't even USED a kettlebell before to give you an idea of how out of shape (and apparently out of touch?) I was.  Now, I know EXACTLY what to do with that kettlebell and feel confident enough in my routine.  I'm super excited to pass this knowledge onto you as well, I really hope that it can do the same for you!  Big shoutout to my workout partner in crime To Vogue Or Bust for putting together this amazing video!

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Happy #2015STRONG to you all xoxo

Health + Fitness Goals #2015strong

posted on: January 19, 2015

Runners, Nike Air Max Thea // Wunder Under Crop Pants, Lululemon // 'Wasting My Young Years' T-Shirt, London Grammar // 'Elle est forte' Tank, She Is Clothing c/o

You'd honestly think that working for yourself would automatically mean you were in the best shape of your life.  You set your own schedule, you have tons of "free time"!  It's just so not the case for me.  Client work and deadlines always seem to trump that yoga class or quick trip to the gym.  I've instead struggled to find a work/fitness balance for the past 3.5 years.   Sure, I'm active-ish, but a lack of routine eventually ends up taking a toll on your mental health.  I'm super happy and positive, but that doesn't mean that I'm at all immune to depression and anxiety.  Which, in turn, only makes the motivation to be physically active that much tougher to find.  The Girl Boss life isn't an ideal time to halt your workout routine, it should be the optimal time to establish one!

This is why I'm SO excited to introduce you to our health/fitness initiative, #2015STRONG.  It's time to get our strength back, thanks to personal trainer Meray from My Reward Fitness.  She'll be helping Alexandra and I reach our personal wellness goals, and we really want to share this experience with all of you.  We invite you to start training for #2015STRONG with us - RIGHT NOW!  All levels are welcome.  One thing I instantly loved about Meray was her firm belief that everyone has their own health/fitness goals, and that we should all respect that.  For instance, Meray is currently training for a fitness competition which includes a very strict diet and specialized intensive training.  Alexandra is already quite active and simply wishes to mix up her routine, while working around her current sports injuries.  I'm aiming for some fat loss (yeah, I said it) and to just get stronger.  I want to be able to go on a hike and feel like it challenged me, not rocked me.  I want to go to the gym and feel competent and fierce, instead of lost and out of place.  Why shouldn't we all feel amazing in our own skin right at this very moment?!

If you sign up for our newsletter below, we'll be sending you the best tips and tricks right to your inbox, so you should definitely go ahead and do that.  Also, if you're interested in hiring Meray yourself, she has really great rates and is an amazing trainer to work with.  She helps you feel supported, but can also be firm enough to keep you on track.  Plus, she's pretty great to hang out with.  Take a look at her pricing info and FAQs here.

Can't wait to get started and to be in this one together - we're going to kill it!

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Weekend Spectacles

posted on: January 18, 2015


The Details // Photos by Jen
Sweater, Dex (old)
Denim, Mavi
Cream Blouse, 8th and Main
Scarf, Forever 21
Glasses, Bailey Nelson
Booties, Miz Mooz

wknder03 wknder04 wknder05 wknder02

To pass the time before a recent coffee date, I wandered into Bailey Nelson and impulse bought a ginormous pair of prescription glasses.  Some people add a pack of gum to their purchase, I invest in fashionable (AND functional) eyewear.  The purpose behind the purchase was to use up my benefits for last year, but also to congratulate myself on a new gig (I know, I seem to collect jobs like I do frames).  Since the 5th, I'm now teaching a social media course at a local college two days a week.  It has been really challenging in a great way and completely recharging. I know that it's something that I genuinely enjoy because I now look forward to Monday mornings!  Definitely a sign that you love what you do and I can't wait to see what the rest of the semester brings.

P.S. How much do you love a glimpse into the contents of my bag in the last photo?  That's definitely a ton of random papers and a giant Mac power cord... #realtalk

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