How To Achieve Hollywood Glam Curls

posted on: December 20, 2014


I've always wanted to know how to vary my usual daytime curl and try something a little more glam for the holidays.  Thankfully my amazing friends (and Capital Q Creative client) at TRiM Hair Salon were here to help!  Not only did talented hair stylist Amy do a much needed chop, she even showed me how to achieve red carpet worthy curls!

What you'll definitely need:
Two Kevin Murphy Medium Hair Curlers
Salon Curl Hair Clips

What you could also use:
AVEDA Phomollient Styling Foam
AVEDA Light Elements Smoothing Fluid
AVEDA Brilliant Finishing Gloss


1. Towel dry that gorgeous mane of yours and and spray the AVEDA volumizing tonic around the hairline and everywhere at the root and parting line (approx. 8-10 sprays)

2. Take two pumps of AVEDA Phomollient foam and rake it through each side.  Then one more pump, rub into your hands, and scrunch into the root.

3. Flip your hair upside down and blow try underneath to give those roots some life (tossle/shaking at the roots).  Then blow dry everything else as you would normally, going off the face and smoothing out the ends with a paddle brush.

4. Then, we must find your Hollywood Glam part.  Aiming for a deeper side part (pupil to the crown) but totally up to your personal preference.

5. Section the top of the head to the top of the ear and clip together on both sides, as seen below.

TRIM_HolidayGlam02 TRIM_HolidayGlam03

6. The hair at the back is really simple, we just need to curl the ends.  Work in small sections, and if you have frizzy hair like I do, you have the option of smoothing out the hair from the root and then curling the ends.

7. Once the back section is done, brush that out and leave the curled ends in your Kevin murphy curler(s) to chill while you figure out the front sections.

TRIM_HolidayGlam04 TRIM_HolidayGlam05

8. Next, we must curl the triangle section (on the side with less hair) horizontally and set it with a hair clip (or bobby pin).  I required three curls/hair clips with my giant mufasa mane.

TRIM_HolidayGlam06 TRIM_HolidayGlam07

9.  We make a small triangle at the very front for two curlers.  These are the most important, as they make the dramatic statement wave at the front.  For the best hold, I'd spray first with hairspray and brush out before curling each section.  Pin in place like you did in step eight.


10. Just one section left!  Curl the rest of that section horizontally, just as your did on the other side.  Always curling away from the face, and set those as well.


11. By now, it should look a little something like this:

TRIM_HolidayGlam10 TRIM_HolidayGlam11 TRIM_HolidayGlam12

12. Let the clips/pins/whatever you're using, set the curls for a bit.  Once everything has cooled down, carefully take each one out one by one.  It'll look a bit like the below photo.

13.  Then, we must brush everything out with a large bristle brush as much as you'd like.  Don't be scared about the curls being too tight, they will relax.

14.  Add some high shine syrum for good measure and there you have it!

TRIM_HolidayGlam14 TRIM_HolidayGlam13  TRIM_HolidayGlam15 TRIM_HolidayGlam17 TRIM_HolidayGlam18

Thanks again to Amy and Sarah for this fun collab.  Be sure to keep up with TRiM Hair Salon on Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter!  Plus, check out the sweet curly hair tutorial I shot and edited for them.  Enjoy, and let me know if you're able to achieve those Hollywood Glam Curls this holiday season!

Holiday Statement Dress

posted on: December 18, 2014

AFxHolidayBombshell01 copy

The Details //
Burgundy Bombshell Dress, Barefoot Contessa
Sparkly Peep-Toe Pumps, Barefoot Contessa

AFxHolidayBombshell04 copy AFxHolidayBombshell03 copy1 AFxHolidayBombshell02 copy

Having curves, especially a larger bust, often leads me to automatically choose conservative options.  I noticed recently that most of my fancier frocks are 'cute' and to be quite honest, rather ordinary.  This year though, as I'm now in my *cough* late twenties *cough* and becoming even more comfortable in my skin, I decided to go BOLD.  It's no longer my prerogative to hide my curves or apologize for showing them off.

  My pal Jen and I went straight to Barefoot Contessa (my favourite local boutique) to find something to wear to our upcoming Christmas parties.  In search of a not so boring option, I found this stunner.  I would normally skip over anything in a store that would produce even the slightest bit of cleavage or that is too tight fitting, but this time around, I decided not to care.  I rocked this gorgeous number to Adam's Christmas party and felt like an absolute bombshell.  And you know what?  No regrets!

Am I the only girl with curve that feels this way?  That I need to hide my figure as to not "offend" those around me?  We need to change this mindset - now who's with me?!

P.S. Barefoot Contessa still has this dress in a navy colour, in case any of you local bombshells are interested! xoxo

Just Golden

posted on: December 17, 2014


The Details // Photos by Alex
Blouse, Club Monaco (on sale too!)
Skirt, Zumel and Co / similar
Faux Leather Jacket, Joe Fresh
Beanie, Joe Fresh
Sunglasses, Le Chateau
Shoes, Shelley's London
Bag, Phillip Lim for Target

december01copy december14 december02 december09 december13 december06

I know that I've already told you that the past few weeks have been absolutely nutty, but let me tell you, the madness continues.  It's as though the craziness grows and gains momentum like a tornado, collecting more insanity as it moves along a destructive path.  But hey, I'd pick being too busy than being bored ANY day!  That being said, this packed schedule has sure made the holidays a different experience than usual.  It's like my retail days all over again, sans the angry Christmas shoppers, of course.  I don't say any of this to complain, it's more that this is all that I can think about.  Plus, I need a place to unload, even if it's only in a paragraph, the clutter that has been bouncing around in my head!  Hopefully I'll be able to share more details soon, just finalizing a bunch of things right now.

Are you obsessed with the lighting in these photos, or what?  We happened to catch the last of the sunlight downtown and couldn't pass up on this golden opportunity.  That Alexandra, so talented!  She had to meet me at the Joe Fresh store because I'd basically ran there when I saw this post.  I knew that I needed this toque in my life, and searched until I found it, the last one in store and everything.  Alex then convinced me to wear it with my already all black ensemble and it was definitely the right call.

Alright, I'm going to dive back into the craziness, but I have two great holiday posts coming your way in the next few days - stay tuuuuuned!

Weekend Essentials

posted on: December 12, 2014


The Details //
Sweater, Noul (old)
Long Rain Coat, Massimo Dutti
Denim, Mavi
Vionic 'Sydney Driver' Flats, Shoes On Fourth
'Cady' Gold Wrap Bracelet, Jamie for Stella and Dot
Rouge Gourmand Velours 'Red Velvet' Lipstick, Lise Watier
Manicure, CND Vinylux

WeekendWear08 WeekendWear05 WeekendWear06 WeekendWear01

After my tumble a few weeks back, I knew that I needed to make smarter choices when it comes to footwear.  Segue into these Vionic Sydney Driver Flats.  They are actually...*drumroll please*... orthotics!  That's right, I'm secretly an old lady who just wants comfy shoes to bop around the city in!  And now, I can live the undercover life of comfort that I've always dreamed of, because no one knows that these adorable flats are actually orthotics.  Well, except now all of you do - darn!  I couldn't keep this hidden forever though, these shoes would make the perfect gift for a fellow woman on the go!  Or for yourself, because this time of year is definitely also about treating yo self.

Since this week has been super nuts, I'll likely continue this running around all weekend.  I've barely even started Christmas shopping and everyone around keeps generously offering up a countdown until the big day.  Just 13 more, in case you hadn't heard yet today.  That's okay, I'm sure I'll get my life together in a few short days. Yeah, that definitely sounds like a attainable and realistic goal to me.

Happy Weekend, you filthy animals!
P.S. That's a Home Alone reference, in case you were temporarily insulted.

Link Love

posted on: December 11, 2014


Photograph by my friends Shari + Mike

I recently met the gorgeous/talented Samantha and am now super obsessed with Batalash  Beauty

Was incredibly honoured to get a mention in this Westender article

Can't stop, won't stop listening to Shaky Graves

Gearing up for a program with My Reward Fitness and excited/terrified all at the same time

If you missed the Clearly Contacts Holiday Styling Event, here's a few highlights

Heck yes I just picked up these bad boys for my growing shoe collection

Current blog crush goes out to these babes because I met them the other day and it turns out that we're neighbours AND they' re even cooler than I thought

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