Keep It Casual

posted on: May 19, 2015

goingcasual01 Casual Inspiration
The Details // Photos by Alexandra
White Tee, Borrowed from Adam
Ripped Jeans, Mavi c/o
Plaid Shirt, Joe Fresh
Vans Sneakers, Little Burgundy
Bag, Phillip Lim for Target
Bracelets, Balsam and Vine
Rouge Velours Gourmand Lip Colour, Lise Watier

goingcasual03 goingcausal05 goingcasual04

I was browsing Pinterest the other day for some casual outfit inspiration.  The search results provided me with a collection of images featuring tall modelesque blondes with really slim legs.  This 'inspiration' left me feeling discouraged to say the least.  When I put on skinny jeans and sneakers, the shape is quite different from these girls and I started to wonder if this was something I could "pull off".  I was so angry at myself for even considering such a thing and decided that a casual look warranted an entire blog post because I have curves and can still *gasp* wear flats and skinny jeans AND live to tell the tale.  Do you ever feel like your size/shape is misrepresented online?  Where do you source curvy outfit inspiration?  I'd love to know! xo

Review: Neutrogena Hydro Boost

posted on: May 18, 2015


Skincare is honestly something that I’m trying really hard to be better about.  I’ve basically survived this first bit of my life relying solely on moisturizing 1-2 times daily and washing my makeup off with soap and water.  Though this has been sufficient up until this point, I’m well aware that I’ll only be able to get away with it for so much longer.  I’m VERY conscious of dry skin, especially on my face, which is often exacerbated by times of seasonal transition.  There’s also that whole aging thing to start considering, but let’s not get too crazy just yet!

The Neutrogrena Hydro Boost line is for those of us in pursuit of fresh, naturally beautiful skin.  Which is sooooo us, am I right?  This simple and effective line consists of an Eye Gel Cream, as well as two Hydro Boost Gel Creams, including one for extra dry skin (no fragrance or dyes, which is great for sensitive skin like mine).  Formulated with Hyurolonic Acid, these gels help your skin hold onto moisture and maintain that gorgeous, youthful glow!  

The instructions are to use after cleansing, which had the added benefit of forcing me to add regular cleaning so my skincare routine.   The gel itself is quite light and really quick-drying, which means that it can also work before my makeup application.  I really appreciate that the Neutrogena Hydro Boost gels don’t feel greasy and that they’re forcing me to realize that these small changes are necessary from now on.   As I’m trying to ease into things, I like using the Hydro Boost Gel Creams at nighttime and always wake up feeling fresh-faced and ready to take on the day!  If you’re looking for a new moisturizer, I definitely suggest that you give the Neutrogena Hydro Boost line a try.

Changes are a part of life and the ones that happen when you’re a young adult represent some of the biggest transitions. Our latest innovation: Hydro Boost gel creams for face and eye feature purified hyaluronic acid, instantly quenches and infuses skin with an abundance of moisture, so your skin will feel smooth and supple day after day. For more information, visit us at

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Neutrogena® Canada via Mode Media Canada.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Neutrogena® Canada.

Garden Party

posted on: May 13, 2015

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The Details // Film Photography by Christine Pienaar
Floral Dress, Barefoot Contessa
Trench Coat, Massimo Dutti
Green Floppy Hat, PLEN+Y
Shoes, Miz Mooz 
Bracelet, Olive + Piper
L3 'Barbie Pink' Lip Colour, Da Lish Cosmetics

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I simple adore the English garden party vibes of this Barefoot Contessa dress!  What first caught my eye wasn't even the 70's inspired colours or floral pattern.  It was that even though it's not a tight fit, it still has seams that cinch in at the waistline taking this from shift dress territory to more of an a-line.  Off body, the dress has an hourglass shape all on its own.  It had to be mine!  It's certainly nice to dress up for once too.  I feel like I keep gravitating towards ripped jeans, sneakers, and a loose tee.  What is happening to me?  Am I on the way to being perpetually casual?  Maybe it's just because we haven't been hit with warm weather yet?  Is this a delayed quarter life personal style crisis?  Help!

A Spring Fete Floral Crown Class

posted on: May 6, 2015

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All photos are by the talented Studio 86

Jennifer Wilson of VONBON made my floral crown dreams come true when she helped host a workshop at Celsia Florist.  As a testament to her loveliness, she also gathered a seriously awesome group of women together to have a full fledged crafternoon.  Something I really don't make enough time for, but would love to do on a regular basis.  Forget a book club, let's start a craft club!  Between that and my love for crossword puzzles, sometimes I think I'm 70 at heart.

I had to laugh at the fact that with all these talented, successful business women making floral crowns, we definitely had a room full of perfectionists.  You can just see for yourself how beautiful the results were, I mean Jennifer made an ombre crown!  Pretty sure I had Jo from Celsia make my entire drown for me.  Yeah, I guess I'm THAT student.  I genuinely hadn't realized how much went into making a real floral crown.  The price point on them is completely justified, let me tell you.  It takes cutting each stem quite short, weaving wire through them (tougher than you think), and taping it together to act as a new mouldable 'stem'.  That part was time consuming, but then you actually had to attach them onto the crown structure as well!  It was really fun and even slightly therapeutic.  Monika Hobbs wrote a great how-to post about the process here and you must check out Jennifer's recap of the day here.  I can't wait to try making a floral crown again on my own, thinking I might just need one for the wedding rehearsal ;)

Culottes For All

posted on: May 5, 2015


The Details // Photos by Alexandra
Tank Top, Main and 8th
Jacket, Aritzia
Khaki Culottes, Joe Fresh (just $29, still available online)
Nude Strappy Heeled Mules, Express
Lip Colour, ILIA
Sunglasses, Le Chateau / similar
Grey Bag, Plum / similar

culottes01 culottes04 culottes02 culottes08

I truly believed my culotte days had come and gone.  The gaucho craze of the early 2000's was one that I exhausted, but thoroughly enjoyed and I really thought my legs would never be able to breathe as much as they did in 2004.  This was all before my Sunday trip to the grocery store, of course.  Like your classic khaki green dream, this hybrid of pants and shorts stood out to me in the Joe Fresh section at our local Superstore.  For just $29, I figured what the heck?!  I'd give this culotte trend another go.  They're light, they're comfortable (you know how I feel about an elastic waistband), they're oddly flattering, and I am most excited to have found this latest trend for less!

So what do you think?  Will you be giving culottes a go?

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