Black Blue + Grey

posted on: March 3, 2015


The Details // Photos by Alex
Blazer, Phillip Lim for Target
Sweater, Left On Houston
Faux Leather Shorts, Club Monaco
Earrings, Lover's Tempo
Bag, Phillip Lim for Target

wintershorts04 wintershorts07 wintershorts03

Whew!  What a week.  I'm honestly surprised that we survived it.  Last Monday night, Adam and I had JUST booked our honeymoon flights and were just hanging out watching some Bachelor.  All of a sudden, we heard a strange water dripping noise in our kitchen.  We both looked at each other in confusion, when I noticed water running down our living room wall and realized I could hear water pouring upstairs. "Go run upstairs and tell them to turn their water off!" I yelled frantically.  Adam did as I suggested, but our efforts for the next little while were useless.  Just minutes later, our apartment was flooding.  We spent three hours cleaning all the water up and then went to bed completely exhausted.  First thing in the morning, Adam went to the office and called our insurance company.  They were at our building right away and we spent the first half of Tuesday with contractors, etc.  We went from an 8 am assessment of drying with fans but we would possibly need new floors, to a 2 pm diagnosis of new floors, ceiling, ripping out the kitchen, and the wall where the bulk of the water was.  Oh, and that we'd have to pack our things for an estimated 4-8 weeks of work and move to a new place by the NEXT DAY.  That sure was a panic.  We were able to extend that to Thursday and by Friday we were completely out of our apartment.  The insurance company packs, moves, and stores the rest of your place, which is helpful.  In just one week, our old apartment is completely empty.  The kicker?  Our neighbour was doing some DIY plumbing and didn't turn the water off beforehand.  Let this be a lesson for all of us.  Do NOT attempt to do your own plumbing, especially if you're inexperienced.  Also, this is a reminder to you to make sure you have home insurance.  We would have been completely screwed if we didn't have it.

Reflecting on last week, this whole ordeal was a big test for Adam and I.  We hadn't (thankfully) ever been through a crisis together and though things were already at high stress levels with the wedding just over 5 months away, we somehow kept it together.  We did what we could to work as a team and we managed to avoid any fights.  Nothing would have been the same without the help of our friends and family though.  My goodness, people offered us meals and a place to stay.  Adam's brother and girlfriend helped us move, my parents helped us pack the fridge and pantry contents and graciously took in a bunch of our items to store.  It has honestly been overwhelming.

We're seeing the positive in this as much as we can.  We're now living downtown, which we'd never have the chance to do otherwise.  We're getting new floors and some new paint.  Also, we always talk about not wanting to fall into routine and this has most definitely shaken us out of our comfort zones.  Everything happens for a reason.  We're just going to  chalk this up to a story that we'll one day look back on and laugh.  Yes, one day we'll laugh about this :)


posted on: February 24, 2015


The Details //
Blouse, LOFT
Blazer, Vintage
Denim, Mavi
Wide Calf Over The Knee Boots, INC from Macy's (black / cognac)
Glasses, Bailey Nelson
Camel Overcoat, TOPSHOP / similar
Watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs


I don't know if you believe in 'meant to be', but you must know that fate brought these over the knee boots and I together.  On my quick 48 hour trip to NYC, I popped by Macy's in a sleep deprived haze and happened to wander up to the shoe floor.  The vastness of the Macy's on 34th Street is only magnified during sale season.  I aimlessly tried on a few of styles in the clearance section and then finally emerged and continued onto their current displays.  Right there, amongst the INC footwear, I saw these beautiful cognac over the knee boots.  They had the most glorious little sign attached to them: available in wide calf.  This is something I never see here at home.  Thank you, Macy's and INC for thinking of us gals with calves that don't fit into the standard boot circumference!  I snapped these beauties up on sale, nonetheless, and proudly wore them out that evening.  I especially adore the OTK silhouette, it's a little sexier than a below the knee style and even slightly more flattering and comfier.  Anyway, just thought I'd provide you with that tale.  You know, just in case your Tuesday was missing a boot love story.  Hope you're all having an amazing day xo

The Pink Ladies

posted on: February 19, 2015


The Details //
Pink Jacket, Maje / similar
Black Ripped Skinny Jeans, Mavi / similar
Cream Blouse, 8th & Main / similar
Black Shell Blouse, Club Monaco
Pumps, Le Chateau

pinklady02 pinklady03 pinklady01 pinklady04

Just call me Rizzo!  This pretty pink jacket was something that I impulse purchased in Paris a couple years ago.  It was their big summer sale days and it was unseasonably cold in the city.  I, twist my arm, basically HAD to buy a jacket out of pure necessity to stay warm.  Anyway, sometimes I manage to buy things sooner than I'm ready for them and I really haven't started wearing this jacket until recently.  Which always felt like such a waste, as this poor Parisian number sat in my closet for so long.  This isn't even the first time that this has happened either.  It's like I'm forecasting what I'll need in my closet a few years away! I'm super thankful for it now though and it goes perfectly with my new black ripped skinnies.  A little femme, a little edge - very Pink Ladies!

Also, Gung Hay Fat Choy/Happy Chinese New Year to you all :)

Raspberry Overnight Oats Recipe

posted on: February 18, 2015


They say that it's the most important meal of the day and I simply cannot argue that logic.  A healthy, nutrient filled start seems to really set the tone for the entire day.  I'm not exactly what you'd call a morning person, so I'm always on the lookout for new breakfast ideas, especially ones that require little effort before my first cup of coffee!  Thanks to Alexandra from To Vogue Or Bust, this quick and easy raspberry overnight oats recipe has been my favourite addition to the a.m. routine.

Raspberry Overnight Oats

Raspberry Overnight Oats (makes 1 serving)

1/2 cup frozen raspberries
1/2 cup gluten-free steel cut oats
1/2 cup almond milk
1 tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp chia seeds

Mash up frozen raspberries and maple syrup with a spoon at bottom of mason jar. Pour chia seeds over top followed by steel cut oats. Finally, pour almond milk on top and seal shut! Leave in fridge over night and in the morning, give it a quick stir to combine flavours or enjoy it parfait-style.

Still hungry?  You MUST visit To Vogue Or Bust today for her next level Poached Egg on Avo Toast recipe! Plus, we have both power breakfast recipes in video form, be sure to watch it here:

A Perfect Pair

posted on: February 16, 2015


The Details // Photos by Jen
Striped Blouse, Barefoot Contessa
Floral Skirt, Barefoot Contessa
Pumps, Nine West / similar
Necklace, J.Crew
Bracelet, J.Crew
Pendulum Earrings, Lover's Tempo
Sunglasses, Le Chateau
Purse, RACHEL by Rachel Roy / similar

Fridaylove08 Fridaylove03 Fridaylove07 Fridaylove10

The week should always start out with a bright and sunny outfit like this one!  I'm a sucker for pattern mixing, especially when it involved another lovely pairing like a crop top and skirt!  These Barefoot Contessa pieces go together like peanut butter and jelly (mmm pb&j...) and are going to be wardrobe staples come spring.  Or, right now because it's basically spring here in Vancouver (sorry East Coast).

I'm sure you're all emerging from a post-Valentine's Day chocolate coma (no? just me?) and feeling a bit foggy this morning.  I am also battling a delightful common cold, so caffeine and daytime cold pills are certainly my friend today.  Adam and I spent V-Day on the island for a nice stay at Oswego, a romantic dinner at The Clay Pigeon and then a very overdue visit with his grandma yesterday before catching the ferry back.  Then, to end a really great weekend, I went to see 50 Shades Of Grey with a couple girlfriends.  The reviews were terrible and yes there are a few boundary pushing scenes, but honestly we had so much fun giggling together in the theatre and my crush on Jamie Dornan remains intact.  I would have much preferred him with his beard and Irish accent, but we can't have it all.  We collectively thought that Dakota Johnson was the real standout though!  She took a character that I found completely annoying in the book and turned her into someone quite charming and actually kind of funny.  It was such a fun girl's night and we all loved the movie for being exactly what we thought it would be.  Let's hope they make a sequel soon so I can run into Jamie Dornan here in town while they film ;)

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