Sunshine Ahead!

May 28, 2016

Now that I’m back from a sunny holiday, all I seem to be shopping for is vacay ready styles.  Isn’t that just always the way?!  Since it’s all I keep bookmarking, thought I’d put together three must-have looks for your next trip, just hover over each piece for the links to purchase!  Happy shopping 🙂


Ireland Travel Diary

May 27, 2016

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This January was a pivotal moment in my life.  I switched gears to take this blog on full time.  I’ve been working really hard to make my mental and physical health a priority.  I also decided to say ‘YES’ to as many new and exciting opportunities as possible, with a big focus on travel.  I just so happen to also be turning 30 this year.  Which, isn’t meant to be seen as a negative thing, I’m quite excited to enter a new decade.  No, it’s more that I wanted to really end my twenties with a BANG!  I keep chasing that bright light that travel sparks inside of me.  I want to look back at this time in my life and smile because I really LIVED it.  What a rare and beautiful path to be on at the moment, I want to make sure I am making the most of every single second of it!

That brings us to Ireland.  Alex had raved about it and it was a perfect pairing with our London trip.  We played around with dates and settled on a 6 day Ireland adventure.  We squeezed in as much as possible including Dublin, a fabulous stay in Galway, a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher, a lovely visit in Cork, and a Paddywagon Tour to Dingle.  I think back to it all and just can’t believe we were there.  That I was able to see bits of such a glorious part of the earth with my very own eyes!

We arrived in Dublin on a Monday morning and Alex‘s friend Amanda met us at the Gibson.  The second we opened that door and she came barrelling in for a big hug, I knew right away that we’d be fast friends.  The three of us travelled incredibly well together, the triple A trio just worked.  Luckily for us, Amanda has lived in Ireland for over 5 years and was the perfect tour guide.  I’ve never eaten so well!  She’s a vegetarian too, which was a huge bonus, and she knew where all the best food was!

I’ll have a detailed itinerary and recommendations up soon, but for now I wanted to share a little video of our adventures and my brief thoughts on each location below.  Enjoy!

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Eyelet Off The Shoulder

May 25, 2016

imagesbybethany-AA0061This off the shoulder trend is just too good!  I am very self conscious about that bubbly bit between my armpit and bust (do you ladies have this problem as well?) and LOVE that an off the shoulder look hides it but remains subtly sexy.  It feels so comfortable to be covered up enough to move freely, but also show off the décolletage!  I have a real soft spot for a cotton eyelet too, so this Tularosa Odessa blouse from REVOLVE has been a real delight.  As for fit, I’d say it’s true to size (I’m wearing a Large) and just an FYI to anyone purchasing an elastic top off the shoulder piece, you do have to pull it down from time to time.  It’s just natural for elastic to ride up and have a bit of a mind of its own!  I paired it with my skinny dark denim, though I also love wearing this top with flared denim for a 70’s look.

Super excited to also be showing you the first few pictures from my day at the Abbotsford Tulip Festival with Alex and Bethany!  If you didn’t catch our adventure that day on snapchat, I’ll have the hilarious recap of our day on the blog soon.  Let’s just say, travel days never seem to go as planned, but the trick is to just pivot and go with it!

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Am I a VLOGGER now?

May 24, 2016


Just kidding. I’ve only ever made 3 video blogs.  The title stems from my attempts at a little something called “consistency” and “keeping a schedule” and “gaining some control over my content”. I love creating videos and now every Tuesday, I will be posting a VLOG for your viewing pleasures!  It’s just too much fun not to continue doing!

This latest VLOG episode is from our last 2 days in Austin, Texas.  I may or may not have convinced Adam that we need to make the 3 hour round-trip drive to Waco, because my obsession with Fixer Upper reached peak levels.  Check it out for yourself below, and don’t forget to give the thumbs up/subscribe!

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