Abbotsford Tulip Festival

May 23, 2017

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I’ve gone flower crazy and I simply will not apologize for it!  A visit to the Abbotsford Tulip Festival with Alex was such a spirit lifter.  How do you stand amongst rows and rows of beautiful blooms and not smile (no matter how many times you almost slip and fall in the mud)?!  We ventured out before first light to catch the sunrise.  And of course, just like last year, there was no such thing!  It was still really nice being there before the crowds and the cloud coverage was beautiful for photos.  I even remembered rubber boots this time around and managed to avoid the garden snake that slithered past Alex.  It was a great morning!

Besides the Tulip Fest, which is unfortunately now closed, there’s lots of cute places to explore around Abbotsford.  I had plenty of time to discover what Abby has to offer, since I found my wedding dress at Champagne and Lace and returned to the area many, many times for fittings, etc.  I’ve listed some of my favourite spots below, be sure to let me know if you have any places/activities to add to the list!

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Beauty Home

Fresh Balayage Vlog

May 18, 2017

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The last time I consistently coloured my hair, I was 19, single, and testing out the theory that blondes have more fun.  And though, I ended up not being able to afford the upkeep, I always felt really confident with the lighter locks and look back at those years with such fond memories.  I’m obviously a natural brunette (those Asian genetics are strong within the Quan family) but truthfully, I feel the most ‘me’ with some lighter colour mixed in there too.  Maybe it even has something deep down to do with my mixed heritage.  I’ve truthfully never considered that until this very moment.

I recently shared what I learned about going golden balayage, but since the lovely Rosie left town, I was desperate looking for a new stylist.  I was so excited when THE Chris Weber suggested that I see him with the help of his friend Ali Eskridge.  You see, Ali just moved back to Vancouver from NYC and is building up her local client base and Chris is technically full and unable to squeeze in new guests.  Teaming up was a brilliant idea, and two senior stylists and 3.5 hours later, they created absolute creamy balayage magic!  If you’re also in need of stylist, Ali is your gal, she was beyond awesome!

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Style Travel

Resortwear On A Budget

May 17, 2017

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I’d wanted to buy a few new things for our recent Kauai trip, but didn’t want to break the bank.  Which, I think is the case for a lot of us when it comes to tropical holidays.  Hawaii is expensive enough!  I love shopping online for summer items, so I spent months stalking ASOS for reasonably priced dresses that could double as either a daytime bathing suit coverup or a casual evening dress because I also wanted to pack light.  This classic striped frock caught my eye and the $40 price tag was perfect.  The best part, is that vacation me is far more relaxed, so I didn’t even wear a bra with this cotton dress!  The low back was such a beautiful feature, so I just threw my hair forward and hoped that no one noticed.  I ended up confessing to my girlfriends on our way to dinner, but they both assured me that they had no idea I was bra-less (though, not sure if that was actually the case, they could have lied like good friends do lol).

Unfortunately, there’s only one size left  in this colour way at the moment, but they have a solid black version, or these stripes in a lighter mint combo.  Shop the look below:

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The Thing About Motherhood

May 14, 2017

Something amazing has been happening lately.  A ton of my friends are having babies.  Like, a TON of them.  It’s all baby showers, newborn snuggles, jolly jumper snapchats, and shopping for fun gifts, because being an aunt is kind of the best.  And besides all the cuteness that now surrounds me (and takes over my phone storage), it has been incredible witnessing so many of my friends become mothers.  Their strength and resilience leaves me in awe and more often than not, I am left wondering how the heck they do it!

Since it’s Mother’s Day, I thought I’d do a post that was a little different.  I asked a couple of my closest friends (very last minute too, you ladies are the best) to share their stories instead.  To get things rolling, I posed the question, “How has Motherhood been different than you’d expected?”

What I didn’t expect in return, was to get so emotional.  I am beyond proud of each of these ladies (and all my mom friends, I wish I’d had enough time to ask every single one of them) for navigating this tough and life changing journey with grace and full hearts.

Today, Adam and I are having a little Mother’s Day brunch for our own moms (because nothing says thank you for sacrificing everything like scrambled eggs).  But, I also wanted to say a big Happy Mother’s Day to all of YOU!  New moms, and grandmas, adoptive mothers, those moms who have lost, the mamas to be, step moms, mothers-in-law, those longing to be moms, and even my fellow fur mamas out there!  Motherhood is simply beautiful and I’m so glad we can all celebrate that today.

xoxo Auntie Alicia

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