August 25, 2016

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The peplum silhouette always seemed appealing, but I wasn’t sure if on my frame, it’d be too loose at my waistline.  Which, as my smallest point, isn’t exactly something I like to hide, especially not with billowing fabric (legit concern though, peplum tops can flip up in windy conditions).   I had a feeling it all just *might* work after all though and grabbed a few really inexpensive peplum tanks at Old Navy a few months ago.  The looser fit is everything in the heat, and I have been wearing both of the tops non stop all summer!  Don’t you just love when that happens?!

It took a moment to figure it all out, but my trick with a peplum tank is to always pair it with skinny or slim denim.  I try to elongate with a long trench coat or duster jacket, but in these warmer days, a casual scarf like this tie dye one does the same trick.  Sometimes a longer necklace can have this same effect.  I just like to keep the illusion of being taller, especially when I pair peplum and skinnies with flats!  How do you feel about peplum?  Does it work for you?  Would you try it?!  Would love to hear in the comments below xo

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Poplar Grove

August 24, 2016

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Can you believe that Adam and I had never been to the Naramata Bench?!  Our very own Napa-esque wine country here in BC, just a 4 hour drive away, and somehow this was our first time there! It won’t shock you, but we absolutely fell in LOVE.  Not with each other, that happened like 9 years ago, but with the stunning lake views, the plethora of wineries, and the scrumptious local fare.  It was simply beautiful at every turn, I had so much fun playing around with my camera, trying to capture it all.

Our trip wouldn’t have been complete without a celebratory meal (we base most of our getaways on food, don’t you?!).  Since good eats are often a highlight for us, Adam surprised me with dinner at Vanilla Pod Restaurant at Poplar Grove Winery on our first wedding anniversary.

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August 23, 2016

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Have you ever found really great shopping in an extremely unlikely spot?  I did, right here in Vancouver, at one of our most hilarious “malls”.  Complete with its own parody Twitter account, it’s also the closest shopping centre to us, so I often find myself there to run errands.  Such was the case last month when I was picking up a missed package at Canada Post.  As I was leaving, I happened to notice a new clothing store with some eye-catching fabrics and styles on display.  I wandered into the place and couldn’t believe it!  Right there in Kingsgate Mall, was a really cute boutique with lots of beautiful trendy things for amazingly reasonable prices.  Obviously not prepared to shop, I went on my way, until I found myself back there a few weeks go.  I was there to fill my new inhaler prescription (isn’t asthma sexy?!) and the pharmacy told me it’d be about 15 minutes.  AHA!  The perfect amount of shopping time without doing too much damage to my bank account.  I wandered over to the store and left with two new dresses, including this pretty summer dress.  They even give you a STAMP CARD and if you buy 10 pieces, they give you one for free.  I don’t know how that works business model-wise, but it certainly is an adorable way to build customer loyalty.  Lolli Pretty in Kingsgate Mall really is a hidden gem, if you’re in the neighbourhood, I highly suggest you check it out!

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Style Vancouver

Diner en Blanc Vancouver 2016

August 19, 2016

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Well, it was another lovely Diner en Blanc experience last night!  I happened to see them setting up some sound equipment at Concord Pacific the other day and wondered to myself if that would be the DeB location and hey…I was right!  Which was SO convenient for us because our meeting spot was Telus World of Science and we really only had to walk a few minutes to the newly revealed location.   The night was a great success!  Some highlights being the copious amounts of cheese we consumed (and some greens to counter that, of course), the gorgeous Vancouver sunset over the water, and the surprise concert on the main stage at the end of the night.

Huge thanks to Jen and Remo for always bringing us on their Diner en Blanc adventure.  Also to Gentle Fawn for the gorgeous white dress and to Rosie for the fresh ‘do.

I hope you guys all followed along on my Insta Story, but if not, I did manage to do a VLOG!  Finally, I know.  Anyway, I intended to speak and vlog the entire night, but it was unexpectedly noisy, so things didn’t quite go as planned.  All good, it’s still a nice snapshot of the evening.  Hope you enjoy!

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