Crazy Hair Day

posted on: April 14, 2015


The Details // Photos by Alexandra
Denim, Mavi
Cream Shell Blouse, Main & 8th
Blue Clutch, Le Chateau
Kam Dhillon 3040 Pink Glasses, Clearly Contacts
Bracelet, Olive + Piper
L02 Lip Colour, da Lish Cosmetics

cherryblossom03 cherryblossom02 cherryblossom07 cherryblossom06 cherryblossom09

Last week I got to thinking (always trouble) that I have all this hair and I never do anything with it.  So, on a mediocre hair day, I decided to experiment.  I parted my hair in the middle, flipped my head over to one side and began french braiding from the bottom, upwards.  I took my time, keeping in mind which parts of the braid would be most visible.  I then tried to replicate my right braid on the opposite side with absolutely no success at all.  The first braid was too beautiful to give up on, so I left it and bobby pinned it as a braided crown.  I curled the remaining hair and ended up with what you can see above.  It was quite an extreme to my everyday curls or natural waves, but I did get a few compliments so clearly the masses didn't hate it.  I'm definitely into the idea of trying other braids and fun hairstyles!  Any requests?


posted on: April 13, 2015

Easter Tea Party Inspiration Style Me Pretty

Photo by Ainsley Rose

April has a history of being a time of big change in my life, and it's one of my favourite months of the year for this exact reason.  As scary as change can be, it's what pivots our course in life and leads us in new and exciting directions.  For most, April 13th is just another day in the calendar.  For me, it was on this day, in 2008, that I felt the need to create and write my very first blog post.  Can you even stand that we've spent SEVEN years together?  I can barely fathom that so much time has passed and that I've yet to tire of this strange and amazing blogging life.

On this particular blogiversary, I'm feeling nostalgic and more thankful than I could even try to describe.  Looking back at photos and posts from years gone by, my heart is incredibly full of love.   THANK YOU for being here.  It has been such an incredible journey and one that wouldn't even be possible without all of you.  I have so much more in store for you guys over the next year too.  We're going to be spending a lot more time together, so brace yourselves!

Thank you so much for the last seven years.  I look forward to continuing our hangouts in this tiny little spot in the vast abyss that is the internet.  Lots of love xoxo

Italian Honeymoon

posted on: April 8, 2015


Italian Phrasebook from Anthropologie ($10 USD, purchase here)

The day we booked our flights was slightly overshadowed by the apartment flood, as water began trickling down our walls just a few hours after we booked our trip to...*drumroll please*... ITALY!   Due to our annoying apartment set back, only now am I revisiting this portion of our wedding and I can't help but feel as though my ability to plan another event are completely exhausted.  This is why I'm hoping you can help us out!

We were advised to wait until September to visit Italy, so we're going to have a very brief mini-moon in Whistler for a few nights immediately after our wedding and then wait a month until we leave for the real adventure.  So far, we've booked our flights in and out of Rome.  We get almost three blissful weeks to explore the country, one that I've never visited and Adam hasn't been to since he was a teen.  We've narrowed it down to Rome for about 4 days, a very quick jaunt to Venice for a day or two, and then splitting the remainder of the time in Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast.

Have you been to Italy?  We're accepting ANY advice you can give when it comes to what area(s) to stay in these places (Cinque Terre is especially tough to choose and seems to be extremely booked up already), accommodation you'd recommend, restaurants, or really any Italian travel tips you might have.  It's completely overwhelming trying to book hotels in areas that I haven't been.  The internet can only take me so far, I would so appreciate your input!  Thank you guys a ton.

Oh, and as for learning Italian, we're quite impressed by this adorable phrasebook that I picked up at Anthropologie a few weeks ago.  We practice a little bit each night before bed and hopefully we'll  master the language by the fall ;)

Dressing In-Between Seasons

posted on: April 7, 2015


The Details // Photos by Alexandra
Blouse, Aritzia
Faux Leather Blush Skirt, Club Monaco
Denim Jacket, Mavi
Pumps, Zumel & Co.
Bracelets, Olive + Piper
'Passion Kiss' Lipcolour, Lise Watier

closet05 closet06 closet04

I find this time of year particular challenging when it comes to styling an outfit.  The abrupt change in weather from winter to spring always seems to be a shock to the closet.  Things seem especially difficult at the beginning of spring, as temperatures still tend to dip low enough to make a denim jacket as your outerwear seem utterly ridiculous.  Exhibit A.  I wore something similar to this, but with a black crop and black boots to a concert on Saturday and nearly froze.  It's pretty much impossible to look cool whilst shivering and teeth chattering.  This, coupled with the lasting effects of winter (i.e. that comfort food and those m&m's I didn't exactly say no to and the drastically faded leg colour) have left me completely uninspired.  I simply cannot put on any more all black and giant sweaters.  Give me pastels and LWD's!  I can't help but feel that until the weather decides to go full spring, I won't be able to dress enthusiastically.  Mind you, this could also be coming from a place of frustration with the fact that I only have access to half of my closet while our flooded apartment repairs continue on.  The good news?  They're estimating completion by the end of this week.  Huzzah!  There's light at the end of the tunnel.

Style Me Pretty // Easter Inspiration

posted on: April 1, 2015

Easter Tea Party Inspiration Style Me Pretty Easter Tea Party Inspiration Style Me Pretty Easter Tea Party Inspiration Style Me Pretty Easter Tea Party Inspiration Style Me Pretty Easter Tea Party Inspiration Style Me Pretty Easter Tea Inspiration Style Me Pretty Easter Tea Inspiration Style Me Pretty Easter Tea Party Inspiration Style Me Pretty Easter Tea Party Inspiration Style Me Pretty Easter Tea Party Inspiration Style Me Pretty

As seen on Style Me Pretty yesterday!  This Easter tea inspired photoshoot was so much fun.  Makes me even more excited for this weekend.  Be sure to head on over to SMP for more and see all the important details below.

Photographer: Ainsley Rose
Design and Planning: Fluent Productions
Floral Design: The Flower Factory
Cake and Pastries: Liberty Bakery
Calligraphy and Stationary: September Letters
Chocolate: Temper Pastry
Cotton Candy: Petite Puf
Model and Blogger: To Vogue Or Bust / Wearing Barefoot Contessa Dress
Model and Blogger: Alicia Fashionista / Wearing Zumel and Co. Dress

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