The Long Cardigan

January 17, 2017

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Truthfully, I never let the long cardigan live up to its full potential.  Within my wardrobe, I’ll admit, that I felt a little stuck in regards to styling this particular piece.  It’s not as though the word ‘cardigan’ ignites excitement.  A long, duster length on a cardigan – now that’s fun!  I consulted with my “personal stylist” (it’s just Pinterest you guys, the best outfit inspiration), and saw a similar combination to this.  When I realized that I had all of the items to make it happen, I was also pleasantly surprised that it worked on me!

I’d never really given the long cardigan a fair chance, but it really is such a versatile piece.  That long line is incredibly flattering and I really liked layering it over a button up.  Pairing it with a Canadian tuxedo AND with a faux leather pencil skirt, I’d say that the duster cardi has earned a top spot.  I’ll be doing a winter capsule wardrobe, and I have a feeling this one will definitely be a part of that!

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5 Winter Staples You’ll Wear With Everything

January 13, 2017

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This exact outfit is essentially what I wore for a week straight over the holiday break.  Mixing the old with the new and staying relatively neutral, I loved the ease and comfort of these pieces together.  Looking at this simple, casual ensemble, I realized that the reason it worked so well, is because it’s all the winter classics together.  Veering away from all black, it’s all about adding a hint of winter white (it’s actually a creamy blush, but let’s not get too picky), a slight pattern, and a bold pop of colour!

I hunted all last season for the perfect knit sweater and was so happy to have found this one from ASOS – for under $50 too!  It’s the EXACT length I’d been hunting for, a slight crop but enough to cover everything up comfortably.  I’ve already worn this sweater way too much, it is my favourite winter purchase so far!

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Goals For The Year

January 12, 2017

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Photo by To Vogue Or Bust

I still feel like I’m easing into the year and we’re almost two full weeks in.  These goals are set for all of 2017 and beyond though, so really, what’s a few days delay anyway?  I eluded to my recently adopted simplified lifestyle here and will expand on that soon (I really want to properly sort my thoughts out for the post), but for now, I’ve narrowed down a few things I’ll be focusing on personally and in business this year!

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Everyday Simplicity

January 10, 2017

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Last year, my new year’s goals and intentions were quite different than anything I’d set to accomplish in the past.  You see, I used to make cliché empty promises to lose weight!  Take better care of myself!  Stop being late for things!  Save money! And not surprisingly, without any sort of action plan, things never worked out for me.  At the end of each year, I’d be 5 lbs heavier, still late for everything, have an apartment full of unorganized papers/crippling clutter, and be in even more debt.  Then, I’d feel bad about myself for not changing any of these things and carry over the resolutions into the next year.  It was a vicious cycle that lasted for pretty much all of my twenties.

In November of 2015, I’d hit a wall.  I had finally pushed myself to a place where change wasn’t a question, it was a necessity.  Burnt out completely, the weight of all these ignored promises compounded into the need for me to go back to the basics.  My goal for 2016 was to completely reinvent myself, to strip my life down to the fundamentals and build it back up.  Which compared to what I used to say each January, seemed like a very tall order.  It took the entire year (and is always a work in progress), but you guys…I did it!

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