Goodbye June

June 30, 2016


Photo by Jenna Hill

My day planner has a page at the begging of each month with about 8 blank lines intended for your upcoming goals.  As I’ve worked towards setting realistic expectations for myself, I make sure to only use up the first line with a semi vague but powerful mantra.  June’s goal was simply, Move Forward.

Looking back on the last 30 days, I really did.  I pushed myself to attend as many events as possible and even managed to still take care of my health.  It might seem from afar that I’ve been neglecting my blog, but behind the scenes, I’ve been spending countless hours researching, planning, strategizing, and trying to step up my social media game.

As we hit the halfway mark of 2016 (can you even believe that?) I must reflect and make plans to improve.  In terms of this strange and wonderful career path, things have been going relatively well.  I am SO happy taking on the Alicia Fashionista brand as a full time gig and haven’t felt these levels of motivation in a long time.  That being said, it’s really difficult to bounce back after experiencing burnout AND to get out of the mentality that this is simply a side project.  After a bit of soul searching, I realized that I was still not giving things a hundred percent, which is REALLY tough to come to terms with.  Finding that old work ethic doesn’t happen over night and it’s going to take some more time and effort to get things where I want them to be.  Subconsciously, I think that I sometimes don’t let myself give things my all because of a fear of failing.  That way, if things don’t work out, I can just tell myself that I didn’t really try that hard anyway.  This doesn’t just apply to my job, it’s also prevalent in relationships, school work, creative projects, etc.  I’ve got to break out of the calculated and cautious mindset and learn to be a little more fearless.

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Stuck In Neutral

June 27, 2016

alicia fashionista, vancouver style blog, canadian fashion blogger, can curvy girls wear white jeans, how to wear all whiteWhite denim is my JAM right now!  I used to obsess over having all new outfits to post, but that got so expensive and exhausting.  And really, I think that showing a realistic closet is essential, even if some pieces are gifted.  It’s valuable to display a variety of ways to wear one piece, don’t you think?  Are you cool seeing me remix the same pieces from time to time?

So, on Saturday, I posted these white jeans with more of a nautical look.  I get an instagram comment from this lovely girl Em who I met at a friend’s wedding last month asking for the details.  I tell her that they’re the white ‘Adriana’ ankle length denim from Mavi and she thanks me for the info.  That night, we attended our friend’s housewarming party and I almost wore these jeans, but decided against it since I’d just posted them, and opted for a black jumpsuit instead.  We walk into the party, and there’s Em, in these white jeans just a few hours after we’d spoken!  We had a great laugh about it, she’d gone straight to Mavi after I told her about them and bought her very first pair of white jeans (and got them in the black colour as well, because she’s a woman after my own heart).  It was too funny, you have to love the power of social media!

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Summer Nautical

June 25, 2016

curvy style, alicia fashionista, vancouver style blog, canadian fashion blog, how to wear white jeansI know, white skinny jeans are apparently something I wear now?  Lately I’ve felt my most comfortable in some sort of variation of this look, distressed skinnies and a loose, but cute, peplum tank.  Thank goodness for those inexpensive Old Navy tops!  Always love a good ON haul to update the ol’ summer wardrobe, linked to a couple favourites below.

This week was a little bit interesting.  Thursday, I got to spend the entire day on a field trip with Etsy where they took us on a trolley around the city to fun insta worthy places.  There was, of course, a crafternoon activity involved as well!  Then yesterday, I ended up having a huge health day, as I had a colposcopy done in the morning and then went to the dentist for a filling and to be fitted for a new night guard (my stress continues well into my sleep in the form of jaw clenching).  It was exhausting by the evening, to say the least, especially since I ended up having quite an experience at the doctor.  I think I’m going to tell that story in a separate post because there’s a powerful message that must go with it, even if it is TMI.  We must talk about these things, ladies!  Then there was all the crazy news on Thursday night regarding the UK and I lost an earring last night.  This week has just felt kind of heavy, ya know?

On a much happier note, I went on an awesome hike this morning to Quarry Rock in Deep Cove with 2 of my best girl friends.  We’ve deemed it ‘The Summer Of Us’ and planned all sorts of fun local activities over the next few months.  We had a really awesome summer together in 2006 and decided that we’d really make the most of this one together as well.  Like a 10 year reunion of friendship or something.  Should be a blast, our next activity is paddle boarding, which I’ve never tried!  Getting out of that comfort zone, so good for the soul!

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Inspo: Cool, Earthy Tones

June 21, 2016

pinterest collage, earthy inspiration, cool tones for home decor, alicia fashionista, canadian lifestyle blogImages are NOT mine and sourced via here, herehere, herehere, and here.

One thing that has really helped get me out of the fog is focusing on big, exciting projects.  Last year it was, of course, the wedding and then recently all the travel I’ve been lucky enough to embark on.  Now, it is re-decorating the apartment aka #fauxreno.   It just to so happens that Alexandra, Bethany, and I are giving our shared studio/office space in Gastown a much needed makeover as well!  I can basically only think in home decor these days.  One tool that has been incredibly helpful is…PINTEREST!  I have been pinning like crazy and it has really clarify different styles and colour palettes I tend to be drawn to.  I’ve been creating mood boards and constantly on the search to get the look for less in our place.  Thought I’d share the love with some of these inspiration boards I’ve put together.  These cool, earthy tones are a big part of the look in our studio/office.  Can’t wait to show you the before and after!