Vancouver Fashion Week

posted on: September 29, 2014

DSC_0636 copy

The Details // Photos by Jen
Crop Top, The Latest Scoop
Midi Skirt, Joe Fresh
Hat, Forever 21
Mary Jane Pumps, Joe Fresh
Sunglasses, Le Chateau
Assorted Bracelets, J.Crew
Rings, Pandora

DSC_0676 copy DSC_0642 copy

As seen on StreetScout.Me  and Vancity Buzz

I hadn't been to VFW in years.  The last time I went, I was this young fashion student with no idea how to network or even attend a fashion show.  All these years later, I am so grateful to be a bigger part of it all.  Really puts everything into perspective that I did end up reaching some of those former goals, even if doesn't seem like it at the time.  Fast forward to now, I was asked by the awesome BC Living to write an article showcasing my favourites from the shows.  Wore this fun number on the first day of presentations and got to meet/see some really awesome local talent.

Curious about the top spring/summer trends for 2015?  Check out my BC Living article here!

Peace Out

posted on: September 27, 2014


Photo by my pal Jamie Lauren Photography

Sorry about that brief hiatus.  It was a ton of pre-vacation stress, and it was just one of those weeks where everything was going wrong.  My phone crashed and lost everything on it (seriously, go back all your stuff up right NOW.  It was my iOS8 that was corrupt).  I've been car-less because the brakes need to be fixed and I just didn't have time to deal.  Austin injured his spine and gave us all a major scare.   I took too much on and scrambled to squeeze every single event in.  But alas, it was all worth it.  Just heading to the airport now for a much needed getaway.  In celebration of my dad's 60th and my parent's 30th wedding anniversary this year, we're taking a family vacation.  Something we haven't done for a very long time.

I look forward to catching up on my work poolside in Kauai and spending time with the fam.  We've never been to this particular island in Hawaii, so any recommendations are of course welcomed :)    And as always, be sure to follow in real time on Instagram @aliciafashionista xoxo

Diner en Blanc Vancouver 2014

posted on: September 16, 2014

DEB18 DEB15 DEB17 DEB14 DEB11 DEB19 DEB09 DEB08 DEB07 DEB06 DEB04 DEB01 a3 copy

Flower Crowns and Centre Piece from The Flower Factory

Diner en Blanc is hands down one of my favourite events of the summer.  A themed picnic that's both fun and extremely visually appealing?  I mean...come on!  Our second DeB experience meant that we were extra prepared with minimal items and only bite sized appetizers.  Gloria at The Flower Factory made us the pretties floral crowns and I made sure not to consume all of the wine at our table this time around.  Remo even custom made us a table.  We're practically Diner en Blanc experts.  And I may or may not have already purchased an LWD that I plan to wear to next year's event (justified by the wedding, of course).  Thanks to Jen and Remo for once again bringing us!

AS SEEN IN: The Vancouver Sun, BC Living, Style Nine To Five, and this video.

Fashion Week

posted on: September 14, 2014

The Details //
Black Tank Top, Joe Fresh
Yellow Flower Lace Skirt with Scallop Hem, Joe Fresh
Navy Blazer with Black Trim, Phillip Lim for Target
Mesh Mary Jane Pumps, Joe Fresh
Cat Eye Sunglasses, Le Chateau
Bag, Phillip Lim for Target
Nail Polish, lacc 1997

AFxFashionWeek02 AFxFashionWeek04 AFxFashionWeek03 AFxFashionWeek01

I didn't make it to NYFW this year.  I was soooo close to booking, but just decided it wasn't meant to be this time around.  Next September though, I promise you that I will be in New York for fashion week!  It's something that just needs to be crossed off the bucket list.  Despite my lack of attendance, I obviously kept up with the shows via Instagram and, and it's actually this J.Crew look from their S/S 2015 collection that inspired this outfit.  Don't you love when you find a photo of outfit inspiration and you already have the pieces to complete the look?  It's like having all the necessary ingredients for a new recipe!  Just might have to recycle this one for all the VFW related events this week.

Also, I'll be at the Digital Darlings Photoshop Course this weekend and I'm thinking that you should too!  There's only a few spots left, as Bria (you might recognize her as the editor of Framework Magazine) is amazingly talented and I just know this weekend's tutorial will be completely game changing.  Today is the final day to register, so don't miss out.  All the details and how to sign up can be found here!


posted on: September 10, 2014


Photos are not mine.  Sourced from here, here, here, here, here, and here.

We're heading into that fall madness and I just needed to take a moment to stop and breathe.  This collage so perfect captures the serenity that I wish I was experiencing right now.  Holding onto these last days of summer and smiling.  This is also one of my favourite quotes from Pride and Prejudice, which also happens to be one of my fav movies of all time. I especially love the latest remake with Keira Knightley and have watched it about 100 times.  Anyway, back to the craziness that is today.  Hope you're having a good one xo

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