4 Favourite Summer Hair Accessories

June 20, 2017

summer hair accessories, canadian beauty blog, goody accessories, alicia fashionistaThis post is in partnership with Goody.  They’re the best, you should definitely keep reading.

I absolutely love leaving my hair mermaid long in the summertime, but that does mean compromise when it comes to styling.  It’s too hot and often windy to just leave it down.  Plus, I am rather lazy and just end up air drying it instead of heat styling in these warmer months.  But, it’s also silly to just keep throwing it up into a ponytail or messy bun every day.  What’s the point of keeping long hair then, right?  I’m really excited that my second post with Goody brought some really great hair accessories into my life.

See below for my top Goody summer hair accessories that are SO easy to use and won’t break the bank!  There’s also a video tutorial and info about an upcoming Goody giveaway.

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The One Bag I Can’t Live Without

June 12, 2017

backpack purse, casual summer outfit, alicia fashionista, curvy summer style, canadian fashion bloggerA few years ago, after many RMT/physio/chiro appointments, I realized that carrying around giant tote bags with half of my belongings wasn’t doing my back any favours.  My neck and right shoulder was chronically sore.  My entire alignment was leaning a bit to the side, which was throwing everything off.  Looking for extreme change, I kind of stopped carrying a purse.  I retired all bags and would just stuff my wallet, phone, and keys into my pockets.  Not the most flattering, but my ailments absolutely improved and it was freeing to not have so much clutter on me at all times.

This, of course, isn’t a great long term solution, as there are plenty of outings that require more than just 3 items on hand.  The answer finally came to me in the form of a backpack.  And I’m telling you, ever since the backpack purse came into my life, I am a changed woman.  Houses a reasonable amount of things (even my DSLR camera when needed) and wearing one kind of makes me feel like a kid again, which I don’t totally hate.  I can’t stop wearing it!

If you’re into this one, I got it in an adorable media kit from Garnier (thanks, guys).  It’s from Call It Spring and is currently on sale for $24!  Can’t go wrong, I’m telling ya!


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Canadian Style Happy Tour

June 10, 2017

style happy tour, chatters hair salon, alicia fashionista, vancouver beauty blog

This past week, I was invited to stop by Chatters Salon to check out their Style Happy Tour.  This Canadiana adventure launched here in Vancouver and will take the Chatters team across this beautiful country, brightening people’s day along the way!  They’ve completely customized this ‘tour bus’ and converted it into a salon-on-the-go.  Wrapped in the sweetest pink, with happy turquoise accents, you can’t help but smile when you see the Style Happy set up!  Their menu included quick hair styles like curls, braids, or a top knot, to help combat those bad hair days.   I opted for a half fishtail braid and some flat iron curls and the entire service only took about 15 minutes.  I mean, could we make this happen every day?  How lovely to get my hair done before a day of meetings and work.  It was really nice being a small part of this cross country journey and to wish them luck as they hit the road!

And so, my fellow Canadians, keep an eye out for the Chatters Style Happy Tour!  If you see this pretty pink van roll up in your area, be sure to stop by and get a free consultation and simple style update.

Tour Dates

The Chatters Style Happy Tour is set to run through June, with the last stop scheduled in Ottawa on June 29th. The Tour is making stops in Vancouver (June 7th), Kelowna (June 8th) Calgary (June 10th), Edmonton (June 12th) Regina (June 16th) Winnipeg (June 18th), Toronto (June 23 & 24th), London (June 26th) and Ottawa (June 28th and 29th).

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The Summer Uniform

June 8, 2017

alicia fashionista, summer 2017 trends, summer outfit ideas, canadian style blog

My version of “florals for spring, how groundbreaking” is blue and white for summer.  This was my absolute go-to combination last year and I can already tell it’s a favourite this season because I keep filling up online shopping carts with blue and white blouses.  It’s honestly a problem.  I glanced at Adam’s closet this morning and noticed that he has an abundance of blue shirts as well – are we already at that point in our relationship that we’re dressing alike?  Is this was 10 years together does to you?

Looking at what else to invest in this summer, I think a straw or similar looking neutral bag is key.  They just go with absolutely everything, I adore this trend so much.  I also still love the ease of a nude flat sandal that again, pairs well with most.  I have worn this pair from last year into the ground, they are literally almost in two and keep making me trip while walking.  I should really replace them.  Like, now.


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