5 Minute Face

November 30, 2015

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A few key points about me, in case you were plagued with curiosity.  One, I am the queen of running late.  For obvious reasons, I’m not suuuuper proud of that, but it has been this way since…oh, I guess always.   Two, I’m all about the natural ‘no makeup’ makeup.  Thankfully for me, these qualities go together quite well.  Picture me, already incredibly behind schedule, waving a mascara wand around, cursing whoever created cosmetics.  All of this has clearly led to years and years of perfecting the 5 minute face.  Let’s begin.

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As Free As The Wind

November 27, 2015

as free as the wind tee, west and wind, alicia fashionista

Are you obsessing over this tee as much as I am?  Well, my wonderful and talented friends Jen and Kait have teamed up to create greatness.  Please, meet the brand NEW line, West and Wind!  Featuring THE cutest original designs, these t-shirts are a must have for everyone.  No seriously there’s women’s, men’s, and children’s tees.  As you can see, the v-neck slouchy style is my personal favourite.  If you’re local, the gals will be at their pop up shop in New West this weekend.  I spent last night helping them with their launch party and left there feeling incredibly proud.  These two put in so much into this pop up and it absolutely shows.  You should go see it for yourself, here are the deets:

West and Wind Pop-Up Shop @ 42 Sixth Street, New Westminster BC
Friday Nov 27 + Saturday Nov 28 // 11 AM – 6 PM
Sunday Nov 29 // 11 AM – 4 PM

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The Rehearsal

November 26, 2015

pemberton, permberton wedding, the old vineyard, shari and mike photography

I had so many ideas for our rehearsal dinner.  Up until even a month before our wedding, I thought I’d be whipping up some Pinterest-worthy dinner for 30 people.  HA!  When I was knee deep in last minute planning and waaaay over budget, I realized that was a completely ridiculous and basically impossible idea.  So, I did what anyone does when they have no other options.  I googled ‘rehearsal dinner ideas’ and the answer I needed was right there on the screen in front of me.  I read a couple blog posts from wedding planners about how the BEST rehearsal dinners they’d ever planned/attended were the completely casual ones.  They recommended ordering pizza and having drinks, and guess what?  That is EXACTLY what we did!

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Twenty Nine

November 23, 2015

november style, how to wear a cape, vancouver style, aliciafashionista

You guys.  I blinked and suddenly my twenties are…almost over?!  Because, my friends, today I turned 29 years old.  That’s right.  I have only one year left of this youthful decade, and what a strange and exciting journey it has been.

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