Back To School Style

September 29, 2016


This is, by far, my favourite time of year.  I’ve always been a sucker for the back to school hype, despite the fact that I haven’t been enrolled in classes for quite some time.  It’s that prospect of change, soothing new, and a fresh start.  September is the real new years.  I’d march into school, with a shiny new outfit, head held high, convinced that this was going to be the best year yet.  And you guys, I really feel like it could be!

Inspired by the Ardene Disney collection, I simply couldn’t miss out on playing back to school dress up!  My classroom look is definitely always comfortable classics, light layers, and pieces that are ready for whatever weather the day brings.  Especially here on the west coast, it could be bright and sunny at the start of lecture and doomsday monsoon rain by the time you leave.  A chic hat can help that and also keep an air of mystery.  Seriously, this look makes me want to sign up for a couple courses again!

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T Shirt Dress + Vest

September 26, 2016

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Last week, Alex and I found ourselves in an Elle Spain article that, for a second, felt a little lost in translation.  It’s in spanish, but google tells me it’s titled ‘The Trick To Look Thinner’.  Which, I mean, I think I get what it’s trying to say, and it really is something that I do (but for a second, Alex and I both felt a bit like ouch, what is this article about?).  With an hourglass figure and some curvage, I definitely try to implement some slimming styling tricks to feel my best, but suppose I never really thought of it as a strategy.  Looking back at my last 4 outfit posts though, it’s quite obvious that I have a particular look on repeat.  Let me explain.

This dress/vest combo is the perfect example.  A simple t shirt dress and booties would be fine, but can seem a little bit unfinished and depending on the fit of the dress, can feel a bit too loose and frumpy.  A draped coat (like what I wore the other day) or a vest like this one here, create the illusion of a long line, slimming the mid section.  The drape also provides some movement, which I usually find fits my frame best.  Throwing on a longer draped piece can honestly also just feel like the finishing touch of an outfit, no matter what your shape is!

I’ve linked to some trench vests and duster jackets below:

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Le Pink Coat

September 22, 2016

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I wish I could show you an effortlessly glamorous look, but walking a dog everyday means that I essentially live in sneakers.  The fact that I have a chic trench coat on is genuinely out of character as of late.  Been living a true Vancouver cliche and rocking only exercise friendly athletic wear.  Adam has been away for a few days and being a single dog mama is no joke.  Can’t imagine what you parents of human children go through, jeez!  It has been challenging and consuming, but doing my best to take care of the little man and still find balance in my own life.  This is only my second post this week, so you can imagine how that’s all going…

Today is, as I’m sure you know, the first day of fall.  I LOVE September 22nd.  It will always hold a special place in my heart.  And no, not just because of pumpkin spice and colourful falling leaves (but I am admittedly super basic and freaking love those things too), but it’s because it was on this very day, back in 2013, that Adam proposed.  I love the significance of today in terms of kicking off my favourite season, but also to think back to the joy we felt that day and how it was essentially the beginning of a brand new chapter in my life.  I think I just might celebrate today with an epsom salt bath, good book, and some fall scented candles.  A proper welcome to this cozy season, wouldn’t you say?!

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Style Travel

In The Orchard

September 19, 2016

colourful summer outfits, alicia fashionista, guide to the naramata bench, wine country bc, best weekend trips from vancouver

The last few days of summer, so I better end things on a colourful note!  Remember our anniversary trip to the Naramata Bench?  We stayed in THE most amazing Airbnb (details coming your way tomorrow) that was perched above a beautiful orchard.  These ambrosia apples looked positively scrumptious, but they weren’t ready until the week after we left, so, I unfortunately didn’t get to try one myself.  It’s also really neat because the new owners of the property are working towards an all organic operation, which is a truly inspiring initiative.  Especially since it’s not a cheaper or easier option!

One of my goals whilst in wine country, was to get a quintessential outfit photo amongst the grapes (an apple orchard is a close second though and the same effect, so we’re good, right?).  I was inspired by an outfit that Ania wore on her snapchat a few months ago and matched a bright jacket with a colour blocked dress.  So much colour sounds a bit too crazy in theory, but it somehow works!  Both pieces are a bit older, so I’ve linked two similar looks below:

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