Stripes + Scarves

posted on: October 21, 2014


The Details //
Striped Shirt, Aritzia
Black Denim, P L E N + Y
Blanket Scarf, Forever21
Pumps, Le Chateau
Hat, Forever 21
Cat Eye Sunglasses, Le Chateau
Bag, xoBella
Assorted Bracelets, J.Crew

AFStripes02 AFStripes01 AFStripes03 DSC_0659 copy

This look is brought to you by the beauty of blogging.  I saw the gorgeous and stylish Krystin of Suburban Faux-Pas rocking a similar look and not only did I love it, I realized I had everything to re-create it myself - woot!  In other news, this outfit also made me realize that I kind of want to chop by hair off because it was so darn long that I had to tuck it into the scarf and it's starting to feel incredibly out of control in a way that I could only describe in a run-on sentence.  Perhaps a long bob?  Maybe a bit longer than that?  I just don't know, there are so many possibilities!  Anyway, enough rambling for today.  Hope you're all having a great week so far xo

Waiting Game

posted on: October 17, 2014

DSC_1022 copy

The Details // Photos by Jen
Blue Drawstring Jacket, SheInside
Navy Trousers, LOFT / similar
Floral Print Pump, ALDO / similar
Earrings, BCBG / similar
Suede Tote, Massimo Dutti / similar

DSC_0024 copy DSC_0032copy DSC_0030 copy DSC_1025 copy

I've had Banks on repeat ever since her show here in Vancouver.  She totally redeemed our Coachella experience, as The Commodore was (as I predicted) a MUCH better venue for her sound.  And man, I just needed to get out of our damn apartment.  I think before Hawaii I was in a total Netflix funk and would spend every night in front of the television like an absolute slug.  I'm really thankful for the two weeks away, because I've already done more around the house since we've been back than I think I did all summer combined.  Anyway, Banks was just a reason to get dressed up and be social and get lost in a live performance.  Really helped pull me out of the post work funk.  The good news is that we have a ton of other concerts happening this year, including The Bahamas tonight with my cousin (tumblr superstar) Olivia.  How about you?  Any great shows coming up or new music to recommend?  Would love to hear it!

Fall Vibes

posted on: October 16, 2014

Photos are not mine.  Sourced from here, here, herehere, and here.

I feel like I was just in tropical heat, searching for shade under a palm tree.  Only a few days back and it's all umbrellas and layers and plaid.  And you know what?  I'm so glad.  I'm feeling big brimmed hats and warm drinks.  I want to curl up on the couch with a good book with a record playing in the background.  I just kind of want to live in this mood board, is that too much to ask?!

Speaking of which, I'm now getting into tumblr (follow here: aliciafashionista) because I'm feeling youthful and in need of inspiration (admittedly, I think I JUST figured out how it works...).  Anyway, what's your tumblr?  Would love to follow you! xx

black + blue

posted on: October 15, 2014

DSC_0224 copy

The Details //
Tulle Skirt, Beautulleful
Necklace, J.Crew
Sunglasses, Le Chateau
Pumps, Le Chateau

DSC_0198 copy DSC_0304 copy DSC_0281 copy DSC_0248 copy

That adjustment back to the real world post vacation is always a tough one.  So why not do it in a giant tulle skirt and crop top - amiright?!  Seriously, I can't stop wearing my Beautulleful tulle skirt.  Going to be so handy for this holiday party season too!  This skirt is like the gift that keeps on giving!   Hope you're all having an amazing week xo

Stop and Smell the Florale

posted on: October 13, 2014

The other day, was an extra busy one. I was juggling deadlines, devices, and an Americano, all while trying to race from point A to point B (in high heels, of course). And after the meetings and madness, I just sat in my car and took a deep breath. It was a gorgeously sunny fall day and I was parked along Main Street. Just ahead of me was the cutest little outdoor seating area in front of a chocolate shop no less. I grabbed my Americano and headed straight for this hidden gem. It turned out to be the perfect spot for people watching and a great place to soak up that crisp autumn air. I even opted for a second destination on project relaxation, which was my favourite flower shop down the street. There’s something to be said about a bouquet of fresh blooms. I love coming home to a beautiful pop of colour on the table, or working alongside a floral aroma. These are the sorts of things that I realize I need to experience more often, because it’s small delights like this bundle of blooms and a moment to just sit, that life is all about. 

Inspired by Prada’s NEW Florale fragrance, I’m going to do my best to stop and smell the florale around me. What does that mean, exactly? It’s about being present and absorbing the beautiful simplicity in our surroundings. It’s a $10 bouquet of dahlias. It’s that morning coffee. It’s finding the perfect new signature scent. It’s a family dinner. It’s life’s little joys that put a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. It’s the combination of little moments that ultimately make us happy. 

For the next month, I’ll be posting instagram photos that really capture the joie de vivre in everyday moments, and I encourage each and every one of you to do the same! Follow along @aliciafashionista and join in using the hashtag #StopAndSmellTheFlorale. And you know what? I can’t wait to share these moments with you! xo 

Prada’s latest fragrance evolved from the concept of an imaginary flower created especially for Candy. Of course, Candy cannot simply have any flower. Her flower has to be wondrous and sophisticated, bursting with life and sensuality as Candy herself. Light airy top notes put the sparkle in Candy, tender powdery heart notes echo her Spring-like grace, and a whisper of warmth and honey reflect Candy’s sensuality. 

Prada Candy Florale Eau de Toilette spray 50ml, $85.00 
Prada Candy Florale Eau de Toilette spray 80ml, $115.00 

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