5 Ways To Ease Flying Anxiety

October 9, 2015

how to calm a nervous flyer, tips for nervous travellers, tips to help flying anxietyThere was no particular reason why it happened.  It wasn’t a specific turbulent flight, or a questionable landing.  It was just that one day, about 14 years ago, I sat on a flight and felt every NO sense possible.  My airways tightened, as the plane’s engines revved up and picked up speed for take off.  I clenched my fists and my teeth, and my entire body.  I prayed.  I hummed.  I opened my eyes and then shut them as hard as I could.  I kicked my legs around in a desperate attempt to make this terrible feeling go away.  My breaths became increasingly faster, which made my head feel lighter and my body warmer.  I was having my first panic attack.

Thankfully, I travel with my inhaler, even though I have VERY mild asthma, which helped subdue the hyperventilation.  I was also with my family, so my mom was near by to help calm me down.  But it was so much more than those few minutes.  It was a sense of fear that I would carry with me forever.

I don’t like to call it a phobia, as I can and will still go on an airplane.  Heck, sometimes I even enjoy flights now!  I like to refer to it as being a “nervous flyer” because I can now be okay 95% of the time, but there’s always that possibility of another episode.

Since air travel is such a common occurrence, I know that I’m probably not the only nervous flyer out there.  That’s why I’ve compiled a few of the ways I make flights as comfortable as possible, without the help of drugs, in hopes that it might help you feel a little more at ease on your next trip!

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Cozy Cardi

October 8, 2015

fall boho style, best fall looks, curvy style, alicia fashionistaI love shooting outfit photos with Adam because it often requires us to go on a mini adventure.  On this particular evening, we wandered outside post work in search of a big piece of artwork my cousin James is painting at Alberta and 2nd.  Days are getting shorter and shorter and as the sun went down, we quickly lost the light.  We shot what we could (I kind of like the darker tone of these for a change) and ended up finding James finishing up his work for the day.  It was so cool seeing him mid-project and working on something so large scale.  If you’re in the area, you should definitely check it out!

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Beauty Wedding

6 Wedding Hair Ideas

October 6, 2015


On the big day, my hair was, what some might consider to be, well, a bit on the boring side.  Down and parted down the middle with an everyday curl, just as I always wear it.  I wanted to feel like myself and I know that my usual signature look is comfortable and photographs well.  It was a safe bet, but it was the perfect way to add a casual element to my otherwise fancy attire.  No regrets, but since I went for something so basic, I teamed up with my crazy talented wedding hair stylist Nadia Bullock, to create some other bridal hair looks to possibly inspire.  And hey, it’s always fun to see what could have been!

There are some absolutely stunning hairstyles below, ones that I know you or your stylist could easily re-create.  These are obviously done on very thick, long brunette hair, so if you’re working with a different texture or length, please leave any questions in the comment section below.  It’s tough to choose, but the elegant half up is probably my favourite.  Next time I get married, I’ll definitely be rocking that look 😉  Which one is your favourite of the bunch?

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October 5, 2015

aritzia fall 2015, blanket scarf, bailey nelson sunglasses, fall pastelsLeaving town for a few weeks is always a bit strange.  It feels like you’re disconnected just enough from home, but as though everything is on pause until you’re back again.  Returning is like emerging from a deep, dreamlike slumber.  Distant vacation memories still lingering, making you question whether it even happened at all.  Adam and I are back from Italy and have seemingly returned to an entirely different season.  We’re lucky enough to live in Vancouver, a place where the seasons are mild but very true to their definition.  I feel thrown off that we didn’t see the end of the summer through to give it a proper West Coast goodbye.  We’ve missed the beginning of the falling leaves, and the hustle and bustle of back to school.  My closet is all kinds of confused.  Pretty sure I just spent three weeks purchasing summery things!  The weather far too warm to even consider what that cool autumn breeze could feel like on the skin.

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