24 Hour Layover In London

February 20, 2018

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Back in the fall, I had a short stopover in London.  Here is what happened in 24 hours.

My most recent visit to my favourite city was the starting point of a two week European adventure.  You might recall that at the end of last year, I impulse purchased very inexpensive roundtrip flights that took me from Vancouver to Dublin via London, and then back home 14 days later.  In order to make my budget-friendly Euro trip work, I had to deliberately “miss” my connecting flight to Dublin, which gave me 24 hours in London, before flying out to Malta the next day.  This was really tough for me to do, as I’m a huge rule-follower and it really broke my heart to have to lie in any way.  I did what I had to do though, and hopefully I never have to cheat the system ever again.

London In November

This was my first time experiencing Autumn in London and my goodness, what a combo.  I flew in on a Thursday in the middle of November, and was quickly reminded how much Europe loves Christmas.  They go mad for the holidays and I welcomed their enthusiasm with open arms.  My biggest regret is that I’d packed my carry-on full and didn’t leave any room for shopping of any kind.  Such a rookie mistake.  Though, I was trying to be conscious of spending, so I suppose it was all for the best.  The weather was chilly and a winter coat and gloves were required, but I was also, as I often am, greeted by a beautifully sunny day in the city.

24 Hours In The City

With such few hours in London, every minute was precious.  I had to maximize my time from the very beginning.  This started with my flight over.  I was able, thanks to my new airplane sleep routine, to get some rest on the 9 hour journey across the pond.  This is crucial for a red-eye flight and something I normally cannot achieve.  It’s a game changer for these shorter trips, I tell ya!  My next hack, was that I made plans with a friend that I had to head to straight from my flight.  Having a restaurant reservation kept me accountable and gave me the momentum to push through any sort of jet lag.

My focus of my 24 hours there was to eat delicious food, walk as much as possible, browse the stores, and say hello to some of my favourite iconic London spots.  Here is what I managed to accomplish in 24 hours.

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Vegan Noize Winter Coat

February 9, 2018

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This is my favourite 2018 winter coat – and it’s on SALE!

This is not a drill.  I wrote this entire non-sponsored post gushing about how much I love this darn outerwear and just discovered that it is extremely discounted right now!!!!  Run, don’t walk, to get this Noize Vegan Winter Coat!  It’s the Jemma Coat with Fooler and comes in 4 delightful colours.  There’s lots of other women’s styles to choose from as well and they’re all on sale and oh, happy day!

In the midst of winter, my puffer coats are realistically the ones I have to wear all day, every day.  Especially having a cute little dog to walk, I just can’t risk being impractically dressed for the elements.  And it’s not exactly easy finding trendy, figure flattering puffer coats that are cruelty free AND a reasonable price point.  That was, until, I was introduced to Noize!

If you don’t know them, Noize is based out of Montreal, Canada.  I got one of their basic black coats last year and fell in love.  Their Canadian designed coats are made with faux fur, vegan leather detail, and cruelty-free insulation.  All of which, do not compromise the quality of their products!  Both of my Noize jackets keep me very warm, even in the most frigid temperatures, and the fabrics are so water resistant that I’d say they borderline on waterproof!  The weight of them is substantial and probably what keeps you warm.  They’re not heavy when you have them on though, it feels more like I’m wrapped in a perfectly tailored vegan duvet and it’s just divine!  Thanks to thoughtful design, both of my Noize jackets also looks great done up or left open, and the Jemma Coat has an inside zip closure with rib knit collar for a semi open look.  The hoods are large and provide lots of shelter from rain or snow (and I find they sit perfectly when you have a toque/beanie on as well). Oh, and they’re also machine washable!

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17 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Malta

February 7, 2018

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Time to add Malta to your travel list!

My friend Alex and I chose this small island country on a whim.  We’d wanted a relatively inexpensive flight out of London in November, to a place with sunshine that we’d both never been.  Somehow, we lucked out and ended up in beautiful Malta!  We didn’t want to be overly researched beforehand, so we looked up the basics and decided to just explore.  There is so much to see and do and learn.  Malta is rich in history and fun facts (which, Alex and I love), and parts of it are so preserved that you feel transported back to medieval times.  Everywhere you go, it’s a photographer’s dream.  I left feeling completely creatively inspired and grateful for the experience.

This tiny European treasure absolutely captured our hearts.  I cannot wait to share more about Malta with you, it’s a place that you should absolutely see for yourself!  For now, here it is through my lens.

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Life Style

5 Things About Me

February 2, 2018

Let’s get better acquainted!

That 5 things about me tag has been going around Instagram Stories and I thought it’d be fun to do an extended version here on the blog today!  I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone else’s fun facts and getting to know them a bit better.  So, here are a few things that you might not know about me!

I Grew Up At The Dance Studio

Heck yes, I spent my awkward phase in tight spandex!  When I wasn’t at school, I was at the dance studio.  Ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, I can do it all.  Just not hip hop, I was too technical for hip hop.  I went on to teach from high school up until just a couple of years ago.  Being a dancer is such a large part of my identity, it wasn’t an easy decision to step away.  You should check out this post I wrote about the emotion of my last day at the dance school if you relate!

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