Done Is Better Than Perfect

September 20, 2017

What’s Up, Where Ya Been?

Shoot guys, I have been suffering from the craziest case of writer’s block.  Exhibit A, I have deleted and re-written that basic opening sentence a handful of times.  It’s that much more difficult to go through the ebb and flow of creative inspiration when you need to be writing every day!  As these pauses usually go, I have thankfully been planning for the next few months and shooting a ton of content.  Though I can’t seem to produce a final product, I’ve been full of ideas and everything has turned into a rapidly growing list of partially completed draft posts.  Which, hopefully will equal a consistent delivery of content like I’ve always wanted to do.

I’ve done a lot of research about perfection/analysis paralysis lately and it’s honestly something I’ve suffered from it for as long as I can remember.  Fuelled by overthinking and anxiety, I start convincing myself that if it’s not unattainably “perfect” then I can’t even start or publish what I have actually done. Can sure be crippling when you’re a one woman show!  What do you do to spark creativity and/or work past a perfectionist standard?

I keep repeating the mantra, “Done is better than perfect!”

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A Year With Reggie

September 5, 2017

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Happy Adoptiversary, Reggie Boo!

We’ve just returned from a long weekend camping adventure, our first as a family of three.  Reggie earned the nickname BBQ Bill after jumping onto a picnic table to consume an entire plate of unoccupied meatballs.  He’s spent today, his makeshift birthday, in various positions trying to find comfort in his meat sweats.  Nothing like breaking his strict raw food diet with spicy meatballs.  He’s paying for it though, and perhaps even feels a hint of remorse.  Just a hint.

It was on this day, one year ago, that we raced home from our last weekend of freedom to get the apartment puppy ready.  We spent the afternoon picking up a crate and tidying the place up, as the foster was going to drop him off later in the afternoon.  She left us some provisions and this little scruff ball of cuteness.  It was such an ordinary day, made extraordinary by the arrival of the third member of our little family.

All photos by Jenna Hill Photography

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Style Vancouver

Rolling Into September with Lochside Cycles

September 1, 2017

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Building up my confidence on these two wheels!

I’ve been in the throes of our bedroom makeover as we approach the big reveal day.  As most room refreshes go, things had to get really chaotic before they could get better, which was tough.  Our entire bedroom was in our living/dining room, and for a hot minute, we had double of all our bedroom furniture.  Once we sold everything (to really great homes, loved how delightful everyone who bought stuff was) and were able to switch things around, everything is really coming together and it already feels like an entire new space.

When the dust settled and we cleared out living room clutter, my beautiful Lochside bike was calling my name (I love it so much that I don’t trust storing it in our building’s bike room, so it lives in our apartment rn lol).  I’m so sad that I didn’t feature this beauty sooner, so please stick around while I give these guys some major love.

Lochside Cycles is a local company, started by two brothers based out of Victoria.  They just love cycling and wanted to get more people out there on bikes!  They’d always tinkered around with customizing their own wheels, and ended up creating what is now Lochside Cycles, names after the local bike trail they grew up riding.  They saw room in the local market for minimal, stylish, yet functional bikes, and they’ve really created such a gorgeous collection.  With attainability in mind, they also somehow keep the prices reasonable so that occasional riders, like myself, still find their offerings accessible.

What I ended up with was the Uptown Bike.  It’s a 5-Speed with internal gears for easy shifting, and quite perfect for my city cruising.   I was really great in July for going out for short rides to help build up my biking skills, but I really let that go this past month while I was in project mode.  I am dedicating September to more rides!  The final goal is to be able to cycle to the office in Gastown, and to nearby errands.  I even bought a front basket with this goal in mind.  I can’t wait to be a confident badass biker out there in those Vancouver bike lanes!

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Chicago Travel Diary

August 31, 2017

vancouver to chicago, what to do in chicago, chicago travel diary, chicago in june

This is the story of our first trip to Chicago, Illinois.

Adam’s youngest brother, Ben, and his fiancé Anya were in a long distance relationship for, well, ever.  In fact, it isn’t since their Michigan days (M Go Blue!) that they’ve really been in the same place for an extended period of time. Which, is really crazy when I think about that timeline.  It has been so inspiring watching them stay patient and supportive while they each pursue their dreams.  And after so much waiting, they have finally settled down in the same zip code.  In the same apartment!  Of course we’d still see them when they’d come to Vancouver, or we’ve met up on family trips over the years, but it wasn’t until we were planning Chicago, that Adam and I realized we’d not paid them a real visit for quite a few years.  This trip was bound to be massive amounts of fun.

The flights there were very easy.  We left on a Thursday morning and flew West Jet to Calgary and then on to Chicago, with a late afternoon arrival.  And since it was rush hour, Ben suggested we take the train into the city, which was a hundred percent the better option.  We got off at a downtown stop and caught a ten minute cab to their Streeterville apartment.  Which is probably the most amazing apartment I’ve ever step foot in!  Their elevator doesn’t even have buttons, you just scan your fob and it takes you to your floor…technology is crazy!  Anya has gorgeous design taste, so the place was immaculately decorated and the golden evening light was pouring through the floor to ceiling window, and just when I thought it was all too perfect, the doorbell rang and it was a freaking Lou Malnatis Pizza delivery guy!  Those 2 had the genius idea for us to enjoy our inaugural deep dish pizza experience on the patio, with bubbly to celebrate us all finally hanging out in Chicago.  Talk about a warm welcome!  Anya ordered a thin crust as well, and I have to say that I actually preferred it.  I am happy we tried deep dish though, wouldn’t have been the same otherwise.

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