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2 Years Into Marriage

August 15, 2017

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Why the first two years of our marriage have been the toughest of our entire relationship.

Adam and I have been together for over a decade, and living together for more than half of that.  I really thought that marriage would be a simple, almost invisible transition for us.  A couple of rose gold rings and a new title, just surface level stuff.  I don’t know what it was, but the power of exchanging vows in front of all our friends and family brought profound shift within us and our relationship.  All this time, being thoughtful and patient about each stage of our union, brought us into marriage at a time of great personal chaos.

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Our 10 Year Anniversary

April 29, 2017

The fact that the only other recent photo I have of Adam and I is a blurry iPhone selfie taken in the windblown back row of a mini van says it all.  Ten years!  I mean, holy smokes.  I don’t think I’ve committed to anything for a decade.

A million moons ago, when I was in 8th grade, I made the tough life decision to quit my piano lessons.  I was feeling bogged down by school, long hours at the dance centre, gymnastics, skating, the yearbook committee, the school play (I performed a really convincing ‘Boots’ in Newsies. One of my favourite Disney movies, and the film that launched my crush on Christian Bale), volleyball, and those regretful few weeks when I joined the basketball team (until I realized mid-game that I knew nothing about the rules of the game of basketball). High school was also just around the corner and really, did piano up my ‘cool factor’?

I had my usual Wednesday afternoon stomach ache on the way to my piano lesson, filled with extra anxiety as I dread having to say out loud that I wouldn’t be coming back.  Sitting in front of her on that stiff and squeaky bench, avoiding eye contact and instead fixating on those ivory keys, I finally spat out that I quit piano.  And as if that wasn’t terrible enough for a 13 year old, visibly disappointed, my piano teacher then informed me that I’d quit everything ever for my entire life, because “I was a quitter”.  Which, at such a young and fragile age, was downright mean (can you tell I’m still not over it?  I’m sure this will all come out to a therapist one day).  I feel like looking her up now to be like HA!  You were wrong Mrs.B, look at this shining example of something I didn’t quit for 10 years – wow, go me!

Though, I doubt that it would really be as satisfying as it seems.  Mostly, I apologize to my husband, for using such a momentous occasion to bring up the traumatizing piano quitting story.  It’s just that I have complete word vomit lately.  Last week, I met up with someone from a local company I’m collaborating with and though we only spent about 15 minutes together, I managed to ramble for the entire time, confessing unnecessary stories that pertained to the industry and even describe a video I’d watched on Facebook earlier that day.  I keep thinking to myself that I needed to stop talking, but the words kept flowing and I left our interaction wishing to forget it.  Maybe nervous rambling is better than an awkward silence?  Who knows.  I digress.

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August 15, 2016


Photo by Shari and Mike

The other night, I asked Adam what I should write about in honour of one year wedding anniversary. He stared back at me and kind of shrugged.  I revealed that I was thinking of writing about the highs and lows of marriage thus far and he seemed a bit surprised by the sentiment.  “Think about it,” I urged him, “We honestly couldn’t have squeezed in any more life changes in the last 365 days if we’d tried!”

There was all the notable moments for our friends.  Tons of our close friends and family got married.  Two of my besties had babies and more of my close pals announced they have little babes on the way.  We experienced a big loss when my Uncle Daryl passed away.  There was a perfect amount of travel involved the last 365 days.  Together, we spent 3 weeks in Italy for our honeymoon, went to Palm Springs for Melissa’s wedding, enjoyed a week in Playa del Carmen with Adam’s company, had a delightful Easter weekend in the Dominican Republic with Adam’s family, explored Toronto for a few days en route back, made our way to Austin, Texas for the first time, and then to Cancun for Kate and Andy’s wedding.  I also spent a week with my friend in Hamilton, Ontario, a few weeks in London and Ireland with Alex, and a lovely trip to San Francisco with a Saschie and Kate.  In terms of travel, we certainly went for it this year!  There was the fact that for the second time in a year, our apartment was flooded and we were forced to move out for over a month and go through a renovation…again.  Personally, we went through some things as a couple.  I changed career paths and opted to blog full time.  Perhaps inspired, Adam actually recently just gave notice at the company he’s been with for 8 years and is now in the midst of a big career change as well.  There’s a few other big things, but some events for us and close friends aren’t really to be shared online, as I’m sure you can understand.  Even without the other points, it’s obvious that this year has been a heck of a lot.

It seems that we just happened to wed within that time in life where everyone is going through massive change.  Marriage and babies and death and new jobs and being lost and finding yourself again.  It’s a bit crazy, but it definitely made us realize the ‘work’ portion of marriage that everyone advertises actually exists.  When we’re shaken out of familiarity and the comfort of our mundane everyday and thrown these curve balls.  That’s when you’re put to the test.

Amongst the stressful chaos of the wedding, our go-to music was Beck’s latest album, Morning Phase.  It was relatively calming and helped us keep our sanity the night before the wedding.  We’ve listened to it since and are transported right back to our Pemberton suite the night before the wedding, frantically writing out seating charts and cards.  This morning, on our impromptu anniversary trip to the Naramata Bench, we drove into town for breakfast.  Sitting out on the patio, sipping our coffees, I suddenly heard the faint sound of Blue Moon playing in the background.  Of all the songs to hear on the morning or our anniversary, it just happened to be one from the album that we so heavily associate with the wedding.  Just felt like a bit of a sign, ya know?

In honour of our one year anniversary, here’s a little stroll down memory lane:

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Am I a VLOGGER now?

May 24, 2016


Just kidding. I’ve only ever made 3 video blogs.  The title stems from my attempts at a little something called “consistency” and “keeping a schedule” and “gaining some control over my content”. I love creating videos and now every Tuesday, I will be posting a VLOG for your viewing pleasures!  It’s just too much fun not to continue doing!

This latest VLOG episode is from our last 2 days in Austin, Texas.  I may or may not have convinced Adam that we need to make the 3 hour round-trip drive to Waco, because my obsession with Fixer Upper reached peak levels.  Check it out for yourself below, and don’t forget to give the thumbs up/subscribe!

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