Turtlenecks For Beginners

February 7, 2017

I’ve just never really been big into turtlenecks.  Figured that a chunky high neck wasn’t the most flattering silhouette on me and just never really questioned it.  That was, until Joe Fresh sent over this simple, off white turtleneck before the holidays.  The looser fit and longer length made it comfortable enough to give it a try and hey, I was kind of wrong about them.  Turns out, styles have changed since I last wore a turtleneck in 2002!  I found some Pinspo and tried layering a fall jacket over top.  The fitted moto style of this suede jacket cuts into that one note turtleneck fit that normally feels like a blah tubular shape.  Loved staying in this sweet pastel colour scheme too.  Could definitely repurpose this for Valentine’s Day.  Or Aspen.  I feel like this would go over well aprés ski, in a place where the beer flows like wine.

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VIDEO | January Favourites

February 2, 2017

You guys, I made a new video – finally!  I promised myself (and you, of course) that I’d take YouTube a little more seriously this month, and here we goooooo!  Launching things with a January favourites, so be sure to watch the video below to see what I’ve been loving lately.  Your support is really appreciated, thank you for already making my channel such an positive space!  Means the world, honestly.  Hope you enjoy xo

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Embroidered Jacket

January 30, 2017

embroidered leather jacket, embroidered jacket, forever 21 jacket, alicia fashionista, spring 2017 trends, canadian lifestyle blogI’ve noticed that in the past year, my closet has slowly but surely been collecting lots of ruffles, pompoms, peplum, and embroidery.  It’s all a bit of that Spanish influence and I seriously cannot get enough!  Everything is so feminine and lovely.  I fell for this jacket online at Forever 21 and before I knew it, I was purchasing everything in my cart (because of course there was more than just one item in my shopping cart)!  The embroidered flowers are so beautiful and definitely make me feel optimistic for those spring blooms.  Was nervous about ordering a faux leather jacket online, but the moto fit is very flattering and it was true to size.  Can’t wait for warmer days, I have so many styling ideas for this floral jacket!

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My Advice For New Bloggers

January 26, 2017

how to start a blog, what to know before starting a blog, how to start a lifestyle blog

Thinking of starting a blog but stuck at square one?  Are you a relatively new blogger who isn’t sure if you’re on the right track?  A veteran blogger who is due for a bit of a brand shake up?  Or, are you just here because you’re a regular reader and wondering why I’m asking so many questions?  All of the above and beyond are welcome, because this is for YOU!  Heck, I should be doing more of this stuff – it’s for me too!

I’ve been trying to properly compile my advice for newbie bloggers after a few email inquiries that I’ve left unanswered (I’m so sorry if I’ve not gotten back to you).  I understand that overwhelming feeling, as I pretty much felt the same way simply trying to summarize my thoughts on the matter!  The trick, was Adam asking for a co-worker the other day.  All he had to do was say that she was fresh on the blogging scene and was hoping for some insight from me.  I spewed out the below information, with Adam’s guidance.  He’s actually really talented at coming up with content, I just don’t think he realizes it yet.  I’ll have to just keep tricking him into collaborating on posts.

Below is what I (we) came up with.  It doesn’t cover the specifics or tech side of things, but rather some general suggestions and questions to ask yourself in those early phases.  Please let me know in the comments below if you have any further questions, or another post that you’d like to see.

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