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April 3, 2017

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Samsonite Canada. All opinions are 100% mine.

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I’ve learned many lessons over the years when it comes to comfortable travel.

I was the queen of always overpacking AND over purchasing on trips.  I’d bring impractical bags and always managed to wear the wrong thing on flights.  I’ve dragged broken duffel bags across airports and worst of all, been absolutely freezing cold for an entire transatlantic flight!

Not only are airlines often charging extra for checked bags, there’s an ease and simplicity to travelling light.  Getting ready while abroad becomes so much easier when you’re only armed with your favourite pieces.  It’s great having to maneuver just one bag when you’re doing a lot of moving around on your trip, and especially within in Europe!  There’s often no option of an elevator and an abundance of stairs.

Curious about my must-haves for comfy, but light travel?  Be sure to read on below!

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8 Cool Things To Do In San Francisco

March 30, 2017

Are they really ‘cool’ if I have to tell you they are?  Oh well, let’s go with it.  Following my recently discovered San Francisco photos, I have so much to share!  To catch you up, I went to SF last April with two girlfriends for 5-ish days.  We stayed with her cousins for the first few nights, and they were not only kind, but they also had the best suggestions.  Any time you can get insider info from locals, it can really take your visit to the next level (if that’s the way you like to travel).  We did some really fun activities and I branched outside of my go-to travel itinerary in the best way.  But, what good is this info if I keep it to myself?  I’ve compiled a bunch of notable things to do in beautiful SF below for you guys, and I hope you enjoy!

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No Brainer

March 29, 2017

And by no-brainer, I just mean that my brain has turned off.  Bye, bye, thinking.  It has been a wonderful thirty years.

The beginning of spring is always strange because I have no idea what to wear for the unpredictable weather, or if it’ll curse all of us if I put my winter coats into storage too early.  I basically rock all black or jeans and a white tee every day.  This is the uniform.  Things went as far as 4 of us gals wearing the same t-shirt and medium wash ‘mom jeans’ at an event last night.  It was ridiculous/kind of basic b awesome.  I just can’t put in too much effort when it rains for 30 days straight, ya know?  Which is what has led us here, to the sneakers I just can’t quit and the last of the coat wearing days.  Plus, a high pony t., because day five hair must be contained.

What’s been your go-to spring look so far?

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What To Know Before Going Golden

March 22, 2017

Your feedback on my recent insta-hair post was amazing!  Not only am I really excited to do a little review of the Dyson Supersonic for you (stay tuned, should be live soon), but I had a lot of questions about my hair colour!  Which, I completely understand because before I started going golden a year ago, I really didn’t know what I wanted for my hair.

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