Our Bedroom Makeover | Part 1: The BEFORE

June 5, 2017

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Our bedroom has been in desperate need of a makeover from the very beginning.  When I moved in with Adam, we sold of his Ikea bedroom set and brought in mine.  A bed and 2 dressers that, at the time of purchase, my parents threatened “I had to keep for the rest of my life”  if he was going to spend that kind of money.  I think I took their words a bit too literally.  The makeshift wire shelf over top of a single bar closet system is the bane of my existence.  The amount of wasted space in there is astonishing.  As part of the tornado of clutter I brought into Adam’s life, we purchased an Ikea system in an attempt to contain my wardrobe.  Surprisingly, it was not enough space.  I usually keep a pile of clothing on my side of the bed instead.

Turns out, bringing in these mismatched oversized furniture pieces began my hatred for the room.  Nothing is symmetrical.  Adam’s “nightstand” is a chair with clutter on it.  I don’t even have one, I just open a drawer to the tall dresser and place my phone on it.  We lay in bed to face a mounted tv, that, when we moved in together, my dad insisted “was a necessity if we were to have a successful relationship”.  We’ve used it maybe 4 times total.  We’re lacking storage.  Nothing matches.  We never even open the curtains to let daylight in.  Our bedroom looks like a sad, pet-friendly dorm room.  The worst part?  I moved in 6 years ago.  We have lived like this for over 6 years.

As the housing market in Vancouver has gone bananas, we’ve decided to stay in our 700 square feet and make improvements.  So, following our second apartment flood, which gifted us with beautiful new floors, we have slowly but surely been updating the rest of our space.  It has been such a fun project for me, but when it came to our bedroom, I was stuck.

We saved up some money and enlisted the help of an interior designer.  It has been the best decision we’ve made with our apartment so far.  The amazing team at Amanda Hamilton Interior Design has been such a joy to work with and has left me wondering why we didn’t just ask for help sooner.

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My Top 5 Spring Denim Trends

June 2, 2017

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I’m sure this will come as no surprise to you, but I basically live in denim.   The fact that I’m in the Pacific Northwest and work from home or a shared office, means that the comfort of denim is kind of my jam.  And have you noticed how many fun spring denim trends popped up this season?  I find it so exciting and the perfect excuse to discover new silhouettes!  I had a blast visiting Mavi in Yaletown and shopping the latest for spring/summer.  They are my go-to for denim and have been for many years.  I just find their fits work well on me and that they consistently carry the classics, but are also stocked with the hottest new looks.  I very much appreciate that they keep their quality with the trendier denim too, always making them as flattering as possible.  My kinda people!

There’s so many new (or re-surfacing) denim trends at the moment, that I’ve rounded up my favourites below, as well as some inspiration to achieve the look.  All of the denim I’m sporting is from Mavi, and luckily they just launched an online store, so it’s even easier to shop!  I’ll try to outline as much about each pair below that I can, but if you have any questions about a particular style, let me know!


This is definitely the boldest trend in denim this spring, but I just love it.  There’s such a variety of embroidery styles and placement out there and I just think it’s so darling.  When there’s embroidery on jeans, it often requires there to be little to no give in the denim, so I opted for the look in a jacket instead.  Stretch in my jeans is kind of a must!

Wearing: Mavi Rose Back Embroidery Gold Denim Jacket 

Shop the look:

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Breezy Gingham Dress

May 30, 2017

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Last summer, I complimented my friend’s jacket and she explained that it was from Zara but online, because there was better selection/size range and you could bring it back at the stores if it didn’t work.  The pain of returns by mail are my biggest deterrent from making online purchases (which saying it out loud, is probably a helpful thing for my finances), so this was a game changer.  Ever since, I’ve been intermittently browsing their selections, but had still somehow never actually purchased.

Recently, there was a pair of trousers and some tassel earrings that caught my eye (similar to these) but they were both sold out, so I made the mistake of signing up for an email notification if either one was restocked.  A few days later, the earrings appeared in my inbox, back in stock, and with a compelling call to action.  They were swiftly added to my cart, but I couldn’t stop there. I can never seem to purchase one single item. I’m from a retail background, it’s all about multis!  This gingham ruffle dress was also added to the cart because I knew this breezy frock would be a spring favourite.  I sure was right!

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Abbotsford Tulip Festival

May 23, 2017

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I’ve gone flower crazy and I simply will not apologize for it!  A visit to the Abbotsford Tulip Festival with Alex was such a spirit lifter.  How do you stand amongst rows and rows of beautiful blooms and not smile (no matter how many times you almost slip and fall in the mud)?!  We ventured out before first light to catch the sunrise.  And of course, just like last year, there was no such thing!  It was still really nice being there before the crowds and the cloud coverage was beautiful for photos.  I even remembered rubber boots this time around and managed to avoid the garden snake that slithered past Alex.  It was a great morning!

Besides the Tulip Fest, which is unfortunately now closed, there’s lots of cute places to explore around Abbotsford.  I had plenty of time to discover what Abby has to offer, since I found my wedding dress at Champagne and Lace and returned to the area many, many times for fittings, etc.  I’ve listed some of my favourite spots below, be sure to let me know if you have any places/activities to add to the list!

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