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7 Ways To Boost Your Energy This Winter

January 24, 2018

Because a lot of us are in need of a #winterwakeup!

Disclaimer – I am not a nurse, doctor, naturopath, wellness coach or an expert in energy of any kind.  I am just a gal who feels a bit sluggish in the winter months and the following suggestions are things that have been helpful in my own experience.  If you are suffering from extreme lethargy or possible Seasonal Affective Disorder, you should go see a healthcare professional for reals.

In a bit of a rut?  Feeling kind of low energy lately?  I am too!  Which, I hate admitting because I feel like saying phrases like “I’m tired” out loud just feeds the exhaustion and manifests laziness.  The truth is though, that winter is such a natural season of rest (I mean, bears are just like NOPE and straight up sleep through these months.  I relate, bears, I relate).  After the Holiday chaos, this time of year is meant for a slower pace of life.  Which, if you’re like me and usually go-go-go, it’s an adjustment.

In an effort to use this time wisely and embrace what January has to offer all of us, I have been making testing some ways to combat the winter blahs and jotting them down the past month.  And sure, I can tire a bit easier, and still fight to fully wake up some mornings, but in general, I feel so energized and healthy!  I’ve compiled a list as a reminder to myself about what’s worked, and thought I’d share it here with you as well.

Hope this is useful to you.  If I can help you infuse a bit more motivation and energy into these shorter days, then my work here is done!

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Health Life

Meal Prep: Make Ahead Smoothies

August 9, 2017

how to smoothie prep, freezing smoothie ingredients, alicia fashionista, vancouver lifestyle blogger

Don’t worry, this is not a post about What The Health.

I have always wanted to be a smoothie person.  The one that shows up to a morning meeting with a delicious homemade green smoothie.  This dream is a bit tough to achieve for someone who lacks energy in the a.m. (and truthfully, never has morning meetings) because I really think you have to be a morning person to be a true smoothie person…or do you?  In my efforts to infuse more routine into my life and eat more whole foods, I have been trying out some meal prepping and it has been a massive help!  The fact that even I can be eating three meals a day, homemade, and full of nutrients is impressive for someone inherently lazy like myself.

I just can’t believe that I didn’t try freezing smoothie ingredients sooner!  It’s such a perfect way to enjoy a breakfast or lunch that nourishes your body and gives you energy for the day.  I finally feel like I’m on the way to be a smoothie person, and damn, it feels great!  The concept is very simple, and really, nothing revolutionary, but I’ve included some helpful notes below in case you want to try it out too.

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Avocado Mango Salsa

July 30, 2016

avocado mango salsa, summer side dishes, best appetizer ideas, mango avocado salsa, simple mango recipe

Avocado?  Love!  Mango?  Good!  Salsa?  The best!  Which, is exactly why I went crazy for this Avocado Mango Salsa the first time I tried it.  A recipe from my sister in law, Kat, this summer side is a crowd favourite served as an appetizer with some tortilla chips.  It also pairs really well with grilled summer vegetables, or a main like tuna (I don’t eat meat or seafood, this is Kat’s recommendation).   Prep time is minimal, and it can be served right away or chilled in the fridge for a short period of time.  Hope you enjoy it!

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Not A Fitness Model

July 6, 2016

alicia fashionista, vancouver lifestyle blogger, canadian fashion blog, workout outfits, public myth clothing

I know, I know, you’re like hey, is that a Sports Illustrated bikini model?!  No, silly, it’s just me!  Someone who always thought that because I wasn’t 5’9″ and size minus 4 that there was NO way I could look nice in workout gear.  The QUEEN of oversized tees and multipack leggings, I have learned over the last few years that it actually IS possible to look good/feel good even while you’re exercising!  Cannot do anything about sweaty red face though, that hot mess look just means that you’re working hard.

As soon as I prioritized health and included fitness as a part of my life (attempted, anyway), I started discovering that there’s a ton of stinkin’ cute workout wear!  Take this Public Myth outfit for example.  I’m wearing a sports bra…in public…that doesn’t scream grandma!  There’s mesh cutouts on my legs and that doesn’t even scare me!  All this from the girl who rocked a human repelling silk corset “sports bra” for too long, and who JUST threw out my Lulu yoga flares from 15 years ago.  I feel like a new woman.  I feel like I am only now discovering why everyday fitness wear is an epidemic here on the West Coast!

So, how can you step up your workout wear?  My biggest tip is that comfort and functionality are still most important.  I like to buy updated pieces that are still basic (not quite at the point of bright printed leggings, ya know?) but throw in a standout and/or trendy piece or two.  If you’ve got a similar shape, I recommend starting at a pair of high waisted black leggings and build from there.  They’ll help hide sins and *hopefully* won’t slide down mid-run.  When choosing athletic pieces, I would suggest quality over quantity.  I have probably 3 mix and match outfits that I rock all the time and I just remix and wash those as needed.  As for summer workouts, I’ve been loving outdoor running, yoga in the park, Body Balance classes, and tennis.  I’m all about getting outside (for FREE, thank you Mother Nature) and then strengthening at the gym or in the classroom.

What do you like to do to work up a sweat in the summertime?  Would love to hear in the comments below!

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