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Not A Fitness Model

July 6, 2016

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I know, I know, you’re like hey, is that a Sports Illustrated bikini model?!  No, silly, it’s just me!  Someone who always thought that because I wasn’t 5’9″ and size minus 4 that there was NO way I could look nice in workout gear.  The QUEEN of oversized tees and multipack leggings, I have learned over the last few years that it actually IS possible to look good/feel good even while you’re exercising!  Cannot do anything about sweaty red face though, that hot mess look just means that you’re working hard.

As soon as I prioritized health and included fitness as a part of my life (attempted, anyway), I started discovering that there’s a ton of stinkin’ cute workout wear!  Take this Public Myth outfit for example.  I’m wearing a sports bra…in public…that doesn’t scream grandma!  There’s mesh cutouts on my legs and that doesn’t even scare me!  All this from the girl who rocked a human repelling silk corset “sports bra” for too long, and who JUST threw out my Lulu yoga flares from 15 years ago.  I feel like a new woman.  I feel like I am only now discovering why everyday fitness wear is an epidemic here on the West Coast!

So, how can you step up your workout wear?  My biggest tip is that comfort and functionality are still most important.  I like to buy updated pieces that are still basic (not quite at the point of bright printed leggings, ya know?) but throw in a standout and/or trendy piece or two.  If you’ve got a similar shape, I recommend starting at a pair of high waisted black leggings and build from there.  They’ll help hide sins and *hopefully* won’t slide down mid-run.  When choosing athletic pieces, I would suggest quality over quantity.  I have probably 3 mix and match outfits that I rock all the time and I just remix and wash those as needed.  As for summer workouts, I’ve been loving outdoor running, yoga in the park, Body Balance classes, and tennis.  I’m all about getting outside (for FREE, thank you Mother Nature) and then strengthening at the gym or in the classroom.

What do you like to do to work up a sweat in the summertime?  Would love to hear in the comments below!

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Health Life

5 Ways To Improve Your Mood

January 20, 2016


There weren’t any new years resolutions or intentions for me this year.  Instead, I’ve simply scheduled in a complete life overhaul.  Reinventing yourself is easy, right?  Okay, good, because I’m right in the middle of establishing a new and improved, happier me.

I don’t even know if ‘mood’ is the right terminology to use here, but that’s what I ended up with so let’s go with it.  So far, I’ve realized that as much as we’ve come leaps and bounds in our efforts to talk about mental illness, there’s still a lot of discomfort around depression.  There are different types of depression and varying degrees in which you can be lost in the fog.  Regardless of why you’re feeling a bit down, happiness and self love are essential ingredients for mental clarity.  Keep in mind that the following 5 points aren’t a cure to anything, but we’re all aiming for good days, aren’t we?  Accomplishing even just ONE item on this list is a huge step in the right direction.  Remember that small changes add up to make all the difference!  Now, let’s get started with these simple ways to help boost spirits and keep that stress in check.

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5 Ways To Makeover Your Morning Routine

February 12, 2014

If you were to look up ‘morning person’ in the dictionary, you would be like hmm…that sounds like THE opposite of Alicia.  I’m barely even human before 9.  I sleep through alarms, am the queen of the snooze, and have been called one or two mean names by people who have tried to wake me.  It’s just not my best quality.  Something I’ve been working on lately (and really, just like my whole life) is changing up my morning routine.  And not only to make the process of emerging from my slumber a slightly more enjoyable experience, it’s also to better the rest of my day.  After a little research, I have narrowed it down to a few simple ways we can
all give our mornings a mini makeover without over complicating things.  Currently testing them all out and so far, so good!
Take Your Time
I don’t know about you, but I always feel like I’m rushing in the a.m.  To try and reduce this unnecessary extra morning stress, try waking up just a few minutes earlier than you normally would.  Think about how much of a difference even 15 minutes would make?  AND you can use the extra mins for some of the below suggestions. 
Sometimes Adam calls me in the middle of the day to ask how many glasses of water I’ve consumed so far and sadly, that number is often zero.  This is just another shameful quality (what is this, confessional?!).  I recently learned that a big glass of lemon water or hot
water with lemon first thing in the morning helps your digestive system. I’ve tried it and it honestly makes a big difference.  It’s a must before your begin caffeinating and gets your daily H2O count off to a solid start!
Back To Basics
The first thing I do after pressing snooze as many times as humanly possible (my neighbours really love me…) is scroll Instagram.  Then, it’s straight to the computer.  All this screen time isn’t really great for the spirit, ya know?  I’m now trying to take the time to sit and set goals and plan the day before even look at a computer.  Plus, it’s a bonus that you get to cross off completed tasks as the day wears on.
Work It
Begin with some exercise.  It’s not a revolutionary concept, and yet it can be such an internal struggle.  I find getting out to the gym is good, or a little yoga at home if I’m strapped for time.  Even a nice morning stroll is lovely.  Either way, you get your work out over with before your day has even begun and you really set a positive tone for the remainder of it.
I’m so bad for convincing myself that a cup of coffee is “breakfast”.  We all know that it’s not and missing out on the most important meal of the day has its consequences.  No skipping this one or getting a
Starbucks banana bread on-the-go (come on, we’ve all done it).  Actually eat a breakfast packed with energy and protein so you can start the day strong!

Now, these all don’t necessarily have to be done at the same time.  One or two of the above goes a long way!  Do you have any methods of re-energizing your a.m. routine?  Please do share.  Oh, and all the power to you, my fellow night owls!