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The Thing About Motherhood

May 14, 2017

Something amazing has been happening lately.  A ton of my friends are having babies.  Like, a TON of them.  It’s all baby showers, newborn snuggles, jolly jumper snapchats, and shopping for fun gifts, because being an aunt is kind of the best.  And besides all the cuteness that now surrounds me (and takes over my phone storage), it has been incredible witnessing so many of my friends become mothers.  Their strength and resilience leaves me in awe and more often than not, I am left wondering how the heck they do it!

Since it’s Mother’s Day, I thought I’d do a post that was a little different.  I asked a couple of my closest friends (very last minute too, you ladies are the best) to share their stories instead.  To get things rolling, I posed the question, “How has Motherhood been different than you’d expected?”

What I didn’t expect in return, was to get so emotional.  I am beyond proud of each of these ladies (and all my mom friends, I wish I’d had enough time to ask every single one of them) for navigating this tough and life changing journey with grace and full hearts.

Today, Adam and I are having a little Mother’s Day brunch for our own moms (because nothing says thank you for sacrificing everything like scrambled eggs).  But, I also wanted to say a big Happy Mother’s Day to all of YOU!  New moms, and grandmas, adoptive mothers, those moms who have lost, the mamas to be, step moms, mothers-in-law, those longing to be moms, and even my fellow fur mamas out there!  Motherhood is simply beautiful and I’m so glad we can all celebrate that today.

xoxo Auntie Alicia

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VIDEO | January Favourites

February 2, 2017

You guys, I made a new video – finally!  I promised myself (and you, of course) that I’d take YouTube a little more seriously this month, and here we goooooo!  Launching things with a January favourites, so be sure to watch the video below to see what I’ve been loving lately.  Your support is really appreciated, thank you for already making my channel such an positive space!  Means the world, honestly.  Hope you enjoy xo

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Goals For The Year

January 12, 2017

2017 goal setting, alicia fashionista, vancouver style blog

Photo by To Vogue Or Bust

I still feel like I’m easing into the year and we’re almost two full weeks in.  These goals are set for all of 2017 and beyond though, so really, what’s a few days delay anyway?  I eluded to my recently adopted simplified lifestyle here and will expand on that soon (I really want to properly sort my thoughts out for the post), but for now, I’ve narrowed down a few things I’ll be focusing on personally and in business this year!

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Home For The Holidays

December 23, 2016

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Christmas time has always been a bit of a juggling act for us.  In fact, out of our 9 years together, we have NEVER spent Christmas Day together.  It’s tough combining families and traditions into just a couple of days, you know? Last year we tried to squeeze everything in and ended up spending our first December 25th as a married couple at separate dinners.  We met up back at home late that night, I looked at Adam, and declared that this was not to happen again.

This year, not only are we finally establishing our own holiday traditions as a couple, but with the addition of Reggie, it really feels like the first Christmas as a little family.  We picked out a night, as close to the 25th as possible, and gave ourselves the wonderful gift of a cozy night in!

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