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5 Things About Me

February 2, 2018

Let’s get better acquainted!

That 5 things about me tag has been going around Instagram Stories and I thought it’d be fun to do an extended version here on the blog today!  I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone else’s fun facts and getting to know them a bit better.  So, here are a few things that you might not know about me!

I Grew Up At The Dance Studio

Heck yes, I spent my awkward phase in tight spandex!  When I wasn’t at school, I was at the dance studio.  Ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, I can do it all.  Just not hip hop, I was too technical for hip hop.  I went on to teach from high school up until just a couple of years ago.  Being a dancer is such a large part of my identity, it wasn’t an easy decision to step away.  You should check out this post I wrote about the emotion of my last day at the dance school if you relate!

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What I Learned Going To My First Therapy Appointment

January 31, 2018

what it was like going to my first therapist appointment, what therapy is like, alicia fashionista, vancouver influencerPhoto by Meghan Bustard

Why I finally went to see a counsellor and you should too!

A few years ago, I was sitting at a long table with a group of my girlfriends at our monthly Fake Book Club hangout.  These girls are, to put it simply, the best.  The 5 of us became friends as adults and were all on similar enough career paths in terms of skill set (well, except for one, because her level of intelligence is unreachable for the rest of us LOL) without being in a position of competition in the Vancouver job market.  Since we didn’t feel as though we had to censor much, we began our hangouts by talking about EVERYTHING.  We let it all out.  I used to call it “girl church” because I’d leave feeling like I used to after a powerful church sermon.  It was beyond therapeutic.  We deemed ourselves the Fake Book Club/Real Wine Club because we’d meet monthly like a book club would, except that we’d only drink wine and rarely discuss literature.  Anyway, there we were a few years ago, and therapy came up in conversation.  Everyone at the table told a story referencing their therapist and I was in SHOCK.  “You ALL go to therapy?” I asked in astonishment.  It was a unified yes.  “It’s really great, Alicia, you should try it.” They told me.  I got the names of a few of their counsellors and saved them on my phone.

Regular, everyday people went to therapy?  When did this happen?  Why did no one tell me?!  I was taught that therapy was just those who’d had something big and justifiable happen in life that required professional help.  I was struggling, sure, but I’d never thought of therapy as an option for me.  The narrative was that you were considered “weak” if you couldn’t just muscle through a rough patch, and/or compartmentalize things and move on.  Considering that this happened in the height of an episode of depression (that I was semi in denial about/felt shame for), I sure wish I’d listened to them at the time.

The secret’s out.  I’ve been.  Therapy isn’t this big outrageous deal that everyone makes it out to be.  In fact, I bet it’s something that a lot of people you admire the success of practice regularly.  No matter your age, your financial situation or your struggles, I can assure you that help is available and that sitting on a couch across from a counsellor could potentially change your life for the better.  You deserve that kind of happiness, you really do.

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Health Life

7 Ways To Boost Your Energy This Winter

January 24, 2018

Because a lot of us are in need of a #winterwakeup!

Disclaimer – I am not a nurse, doctor, naturopath, wellness coach or an expert in energy of any kind.  I am just a gal who feels a bit sluggish in the winter months and the following suggestions are things that have been helpful in my own experience.  If you are suffering from extreme lethargy or possible Seasonal Affective Disorder, you should go see a healthcare professional for reals.

In a bit of a rut?  Feeling kind of low energy lately?  I am too!  Which, I hate admitting because I feel like saying phrases like “I’m tired” out loud just feeds the exhaustion and manifests laziness.  The truth is though, that winter is such a natural season of rest (I mean, bears are just like NOPE and straight up sleep through these months.  I relate, bears, I relate).  After the Holiday chaos, this time of year is meant for a slower pace of life.  Which, if you’re like me and usually go-go-go, it’s an adjustment.

In an effort to use this time wisely and embrace what January has to offer all of us, I have been making testing some ways to combat the winter blahs and jotting them down the past month.  And sure, I can tire a bit easier, and still fight to fully wake up some mornings, but in general, I feel so energized and healthy!  I’ve compiled a list as a reminder to myself about what’s worked, and thought I’d share it here with you as well.

Hope this is useful to you.  If I can help you infuse a bit more motivation and energy into these shorter days, then my work here is done!

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The Best and Worst of 2017

January 2, 2018

honest review of 2017, alicia fashionista, vancouver writer

2017 was somewhere in between, and that’s okay.

The past 365 (+2) days were all about unfolding and transition.  Which makes for a kind of “not our best but not our worst” sort of year and truthfully those are even more important than the ones that are full of only happy memories and important milestones.  In general, this year was a lot of freaking hard work behind the scenes.  Which, I suppose I haven’t shared a ton about because when you’re in the throes of it all, it’s tough to take any time to reflect.

2017 was about putting time and effort into bettering ourselves (I say ‘our’ because this journey has largely been alongside close friends and my husband), which hasn’t been for nothing.  Ending last year, I felt stronger, more confident, and full of gratitude to have gone through so much growth and with such incredible support.  I’m starting this new year full of pride for what was endured and optimistic for the future.  So, before I get too much into what’s ahead, let’s first look back on what was.

(Top photo from our anniversary photo shoot with White Linen Photography)

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