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The Studio 504

September 16, 2016

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When I initially left my nine to five, I set up shop in our home because that made the most sense financially.  Which, was a wonderful option for a few years.  I would get dressed and ready for the day first thing every morning, I’d never turn on the tv or let myself get too distracted.  And then, inevitable, that all went out the window.  The walls began closing in a little and small household chores seemingly haunted me all day long.  I remember sitting in my sweats at 11 AM, looking up at the deep, deep, Netflix hole I was in (I think I was on the second day of an Orange Is The New Black binge) and thinking “Oh my goodness, I need to find an office space…NOW!”

It was fate that one day, a friend posted her old shared studio to help them find a couple new people to fill the space.  Being that the only other person there was a photographer, I KNEW this would be the perfect office/studio!  We hit it off right away and I moved on in, which was really great.  Then, when I decided to try full time blogging back in January, Bethany was kind enough to help me out with unknown finances and we were able to work out a deal that Alex shared my portion of the space!

Having Alexandra in the studio with us has been so wonderful for the quality of work I complete when I’m there.  We shoot for each other and are able to have brand strategy meetings together.  The trouble was, that we never seemed to sit at the desk anymore and it kind of ended up a dumping ground for shipments and random photo shoot crap.  We knew that something had to be done, especially since it was a shared room!

I was on a home decor mission and could only function in life by redecorating every single space I’d step into.  I was browsing Article one day and we came up with the crazy idea to fix up our area and ditch the conventional desk concept.  The vision was a cozier chair and a chic table/chair set up instead what would inspire us creatively and double as a great shooting space for photo and video!

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Life Studio

From Hobby to Career: My Blogging Story

April 14, 2016

alicia fashionista, how to make money blogging, how to blog full time, how to start a blog

Photo by Shari and Mike

I realize that a lot of people don’t know/understand what I do for work.  And really, I can’t blame them.  Up until January of this year, I had 4 jobs (which, is actually an understatement, but more on that later). Now, with some much needed focus and drive, I can say with confidence that I am a full time blogger.  And I’m pretty sure people STILL don’t know/understand what I do for work – but, that’s okay.  Over the next little while, I want to explain, share my story with you and hopefully inspire some of you to finally start your own blogging journey.

What has sparked all of this?  Well, it just so happens that I started EIGHT years ago today!  Can you even believe that?!  I’ve taken what was initially a creative outlet/way to pass the time and built a personal brand that is actually making me enough money to live on.  Holy smokes, this is actually real life!

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Shop Talk // Digital Darlings

November 5, 2014


Sure, yeah, I could scrape by in Photoshop.  I knew the basics from my previous job, where I used my few self taught tricks.  It was a good way to learn though because I had to use it so often, it kept my PS knowledge fresh.  I thought I was going to be an Adobe expert when my college fashion program required me to take a Photoshop class.  Then in class, we were left with lazy tutorials and text book quizzes.  Because nothing tests your Photoshop knowledge like a handwritten quiz.  We were then given an entire month to work on one collage.  The rainbow clip art graphics were my tipping point – I quickly dropped the class.

I’ve always wanted to expand my Photoshop knowledge.  Blogging and owning a business both require it on a daily basis.  It turns out, that all I needed was an amazing teacher like Bria Lear.  Her Digital Darlings program is catered exactly to my needs (pretty graphics really can make all the difference).  Bria’s two day crash course included tips and tricks on layout, photo editing, and even how to make a photo gif.  I found it worth it for her Mac shortcuts alone!  I really loved the take away booklet too, I’ve kept it at my desk for reference ever since.  It was even a great networking opportunity, I met some awesome local freelancers/small business owners.  All I can say to you, is sign up NOW!

The next Digital Darlings PS Bootcamp is November 15-16 and there’s only TWO spots left!  Do not wait another second to sign up, I promise you will not regret it!  You can go ahead and register HERE.  If you can’t make it next weekend, Bria also offers private or group tutorials.  They can be completely customized to your needs, so it’s also a really great option!  And if you have any more questions about my Digital Darlings experience, be sure to ask in the comment section below xo

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Glitter Guide: A Valentine’s Day Tea Party

February 11, 2014
IMG_4180 IMG_0410 IMG_0406


IMG_0076 IMG_4193



IMG_0474 IMG_0460


A beautiful day at Cecil Green with Coco and Vera and To Vogue Or Bust.  Photographed by the amazing Ainsley Rose, this is our take on a Valentine’s Day Tea Party for Three, as seen on The Glitter Guide yesterday.

Event Planning: BASH + FETE
Cakes and cookies: Cake by Annie
Venue: Cecil Green

Vintage Rentals: Spruce Collective 
Linen and select decor: Art of Party
Hair and makeup: Kahlia Adams
Jewelry: Olive + Piper

Prints: I See Noise
Knitwear: Joe Fresh + Left on Houston