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What To Know Before Going Golden

March 22, 2017

Your feedback on my recent insta-hair post was amazing!  Not only am I really excited to do a little review of the Dyson Supersonic for you (stay tuned, should be live soon), but I had a lot of questions about my hair colour!  Which, I completely understand because before I started going golden a year ago, I really didn’t know what I wanted for my hair.

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Travel Diary | San Francisco, CA

March 21, 2017

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My friend Saschie had texted us on a Saturday last March.  She was heading to San Francisco for a work trip in April and wanted to know if Kate and I wanted to join her.  Within a few days, we’d secured the dates and booked our flights.  We’d never travelled together and it was all incredibly spontaneous, but plans came together as seamlessly as the trip itself went.

I had the best time with the girls in San Francisco.  We stayed with Saschie’s cousins in Daly City for the first few nights and it was so special to get to meet her relatives. Attending a casual family dinner as an outsider is actually such a beautiful experience. It was also really helpful to have around for insider information on what to do and see and eat while we were there!  They were so kind to let us into their home and host us, I’m still really grateful.

When it came time for Saschie’s work conference, we stayed downtown for a fun change of pace.  We opted for a lot of touristy SF activities, opting for a hop on hop off bus as our means of transportation.  It gave the trip a really nice balance of classic sights and also experiencing pieces of San Fran that I’d never explored before.

At the time, I had so much fun and it’s one of my highlights of 2016.  And yet, for some reason, I’d convinced myself that the photos I’d taken weren’t any good or worth sharing.  In fact, I forgot about them until I found them on a memory card last week.  Which, I think is crazy because looking at them a year later, I am in LOVE with every photo!  I’m a huge believer in meant to be, and maybe I was to discover these now to infuse some sunshine into our lives.  There’s so much SF focused posts coming your way because it was impossible to capture my love for this city into just one or two posts.  First up, here’s a visual diary of our 5 days in San Francisco!

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Statement Activewear

March 16, 2017

My workout wear has almost always been all black.  Which, if you think about it, is a bit strange for a dancer.  We were always about the flashiest, craziest costumes, so I wonder why I never got into bolder attire in class?  It’s a shame really, because now that my dancing ‘career’ is over, I’m finally getting into bolder prints and patterns when it comes to my activewear.  No matter what kind of style, I always want to invest wisely into any sort of statement athletic gear.  The fits and fabrics need to be top notch and unique. Which, is why I’m so excited to introduce you to the new DAUB | ACTIVE collection, a partner of one of my faves, Daub and Design!

WARNING: This post contains a terribly photoshopped background, a curvy woman in a sports bra, and a borrowed pair of runners that I was forced to wear without socks.  All things that may shock and surprise – you’ve been warned.

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Tips To Overcome The Isolation Of Working From Home

March 15, 2017

Working from home has many appealing qualities.  Loungewear all day!  No spending money on parking, food, or coffee!  Flexibility in your schedule!  But, there are plenty of tradeoffs that are not for everyone.  It can be lonely as hell.  There’s temptation all around on those low productivity days (Netflix! YouTube! HGTV!).  And as much as you can be unmotivated, it’s also incredible easy to overwork yourself.  There’s no office to leave, or boss to ignore after hours.  Boo to self discipline.

I’ve worked from home for 6 years now.  Which, is a bit strange for someone who thrives in a workplace (and in life, really) by feeding off other people’s energy.  It has definitely been tough at times.  There have been stretches where the isolation takes over, and it’s a challenge to feel social.  Looking back, I wish there were a few things I’d implemented from the beginning to attempt to avoid those uninspired times.  Read on below for a few tips I’d pass on to anyone who is or is going to work from home!

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