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5 Reasons To Visit Bellevue, Washington

October 19, 2017

Same old Seattle?  Think again, Bellevue is where it’s at!

Driving across the border to neighbouring Washington has always felt familiar.  Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, the Evergreen State has the comforts of home, but with an American twist.  Despite my love for the area, I realized that I really haven’t explored much beyond downtown Seattle, The Gorge in George, and the views along the never ending I-5 en route to Portland.  It’s now top of my local travel list to explore beautiful Washington and discover new gems, like Bellevue!

A few weeks back, my BFF Jessica and I embarked on a girl’s weekend in Bellevue.  It was her first time away from her baby overnight and it was just so special for both of us to be able to wine and dine, kid-free.  We simply fell in love with the area and I’m already planning to return in December.  You’ll find out why at the end of the post, but in the meantime, here are our top 5 reasons to visit Bellevue, WA.  If you’d like, I’ve also put together a free printable Bellevue Travel Guide

1. The Shopping Is Incredible

Even though Vancouver is just a few hours away, being across the border means access to shops that we don’t have at home.  I had great luck at Nordstrom Rack, as you do, and always love getting the chance to check out Macy’s, The Container Store, and World Market.  We had a spectacular time at The Shops at The Bravern.  It’s something you absolutely have to experience if you’re in Bellevue, such a gorgeous way to browse your favourite luxury brands.

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Fall Office Wear

October 16, 2017

Any excuse to wear trousers!

One element of creative entrepreneurship that I struggle with is the lack of coworkers.  As in, I don’t have any LOL.  I really do miss the motivation of getting dressed up, in a small way, for other people.  The excitement each morning of seeing what everyone else chose to wear that day.  Oh, and the conversation, I miss that too.  Of course, I do still get this every once in a while at meetings, but truthfully, I rarely have any reason to ever sport heels of any kind.  I really do feel lucky that I’m able to follow my dreams and create my schedule, but dammit, sometimes I really just want a good reason to be business casual!  So, I hope you’re cool with it, but I’m pretending that you guys are my coworkers today.  I specifically wore trousers and kitten heels for the occasion!

I’m actually trying to get myself back into tailored trousers as an alternative to my daily denim. I really love how these ones fall away from the leg and are cropped at the ankle. I think I want a similar pair in classic black.  If you’ve seen any good ones around lately, let me know!  I decided to pair these pants with a half tucked short sleeve blouse and then threw a cardi coat on top for warmth.  It has been 6 years since I’ve worked in a real office, but I still remember how temperatures at the desk can vary.

See how I’ve previously styled these mustard trousers in this post.

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ASOS Farleigh Mom Jeans

October 6, 2017

I bought jeans online and lived to tell the tale.

Pairs of the Farleigh Mom Jeans have been on my ASOS wishlist for months.  I first saw them on Sydney and they suit her so well, I felt like I might have to have them as well.  Our vast difference is size was a deterrent, but I did some research online and decided to finally put them in the cart and checked the hell out.  We all know I love a good mom jean!

I do like the jeans.  They’re tight in a breathable, but sucks-everything-in kind of way.  They especially hug the behind and lift in all the right places.  The wash is great, the high waist is exactly how I like it and despite my indecisiveness when it came to size (I am anywhere from a 29-31 depending on the denim), the 30×32 seem like the right choice.  The quality is a bit of a disappointment.  At $65, they don’t seem to break the bank, but I was slammed with customs charges on this entire order and basically could have got another pair of jeans for the amount of extra money I paid.  Look at the knees, they’re completely bagged out after just two wears!

Even at that original price, these jeans also arrived with a snag on the back that literally seem like they will inevitably just split on me one day.  Which, is like denim Russian roulette.  I kind of like the slight danger of it all, but don’t actually want to have to deal with the embarrassment that comes along with completely splitting your pants across the derriere.

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Home Life

5 Helpful Things Every Dog Owner Needs

October 4, 2017

5 things every dog owner needs, helpful items for dog owners, alicia fashionista, vancouver lifestyle blog

Okay, these aren’t necessities, but I’m pawsitive you’ll love them!

Hey guys, Alicia here with yet another post about our pup.  What can I say?  It’s Reggie’s world and we just live in it.

Everyone knows the list of basics that you need when you get a dog like a collar, leash, harness, dog tag, food/water dishes, comfy bed, treats, etc.  But, there’s a few things we’ve acquired over the past year that aren’t necessarily top of mind, but have been super helpful day to day.  Adam and I worked together on this one, but that turned it into quite the random list.  Hope you enjoy!

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