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Beautiful Midnight

February 18, 2017

I clearly have ‘a look’ when it comes to recreating these 90’s trends.  Usually involves a lot of black and a touch of blush pink, because pastels and that decade just go hand in hand!   Unlike the last time I styled a similar ensemble, I actually “invested” in a choker necklace and am still trying to figure out how to navigate the style as an adult.

Thinking about it, I really should have worn this the other night!  Adam and I went to The Commodore to see Matthew Good perform his iconic album ‘Beautiful Midnight’ from start to finish.  It was SO much fun.  We partied like it was 1999 (and by partied, I mean we were completely sober but rocked out until midnight on a weeknight lol) and honestly had the best time.  There’s something really special about an artist performing an album, as is, that you’ve listened to and been obsessed with for such a long period of time.  It’s like when my brother and I went down to Seattle to see The Pixie’s perform Doolittle front to back.  You adore every single song and every person in the crowd knows all the words.  It’s like a giant nostalgic singalong with thousands of friends – how could you not love that?  If you’re in Vancouver and able to score tickets for tonight’s performance, you absolutely should!

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5 Budget-Friendly Ways To Spruce Up Your Place

February 16, 2017

Our apartment has undergone a major transformation and I am so excited to finally start sharing some of it with you!  I’ve mentioned it a million times, but with some terrible luck, we just so happened to have two floods almost exactly a year apart (it’s always in February, so I’m understandably a bit on edge).  Though they were an absolute pain at the time, both taught us valuable lessons about our home.  First, we learned that we had WAY too much stuff.  Having to pack up your things with a days notice really makes you realize the weight of everything you own.  Also, that we’d become complacent to feeling ‘meh’ about our apartment.  It’s so easy to just live amongst within growing clutter, furniture you don’t love, or the same old decor.  Change requires effort, and let’s face it, a lot of the time that energy is justified elsewhere.  But, I’ll tell you, after basically being forced into redecorating when our second flood hit, we realized that we could learn to love our space again.

Though we allocated a more significant budget to larger furniture swaps like our dining table and chairs, a couch, our Sayulita Chair, and wall mounted shelves, we also added a lot of smaller touches that helped make our apartment feel brand new without breaking the bank.

Large Framed Print
Under $50

Inspired by all the beautiful fine art prints I’ve seen online, I decided to try a DIY version.  It seemed a waste not to use one of my own photos and it’s such a great conversation piece in our dining room.  The project ended up being extremely simple, the toughest part was that I had to shed a tiny bit off my printed photo in order for it to fit into the frame.  It’s so wonderful seeing the stunning Amalfi Coast on our wall every day, and I feel a real sense of pride that it’s my own photo (and that I managed to achieve the look for under $50).

Pictured: IKEA Ribba Frame ($20) and Large Photo Printed at Costco ($18)

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The Dress Remix

February 14, 2017

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On this day last year, I did a Galentine’s in London with Alex and am feeling a bit sad that we’re not across the pond having tea and scones at Sketch or something equally as fabulous.  Life has changed a bit since, but my heart is even fuller this February 14th with little Reggie in our lives.  I also might have worked out the perfect Valentine’s Day plan in town.  Adam surprised me with coffee and a muffin this morning along with a cute little note.  Going for lunch with my cousin Melissa and having an afternoon adventure with her and baby Thomas, which hopefully includes treating myself to a bouquet of beautiful flowers.  Then, Adam’s plan for tonight is to go old school and cook me dinner.  And if I know him well, it’ll be Olivieri Tortellini in tomato sauce.

Originally, I’d planned to wear this remixed Park and Fifth dress tonight, but since we’re now staying in, I’ll have to rock this ensemble another time.  Love when I have outfits ready in my arsenal, makes future events so much easier.

Happy Valentine’s Day, darlings!  Hope your day is full of love and lots of chocolate xo

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Best Winter Skirt (Under $50)

February 10, 2017

what to wear valentines, best winter skirt, asos review canada, vancouver style blog, canadian fashion bloggerOnline clothing shopping is this tricky business of getting the best price but also not waiting too long and having the item sell out.  I browse ASOS every few days because I’m obsessive like that, and had this black and gold skirt in my favourites folder for a couple months.  I finally went for it and am so happy I did, but of course, it’s now on SALE!  Isn’t that just always the way?!  Anyway, such a steal for under $50, it has an elastic waist and I love that it has sparkle but remains neutral.  It’s definitely been my go-to piece when I’ve wanted to elevate my everyday casual style!

This week has been kind of a weird one, since I decided that instead of quickly editing the VLOG footage from the last few weeks, I purchased and have been doing my best to navigate an entirely new video editing software.  Classic me.  It has been really fun to challenge myself to learn a new program though, and I know that in the long run it’s going to be beneficial.  The quality is leaps and bounds better, can’t wait to show you guys!  Thank you as well for all your support with last week’s video!  Looking forward to our regular blog and video posting schedule next week. Xo

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