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5 Surprising Things That Make A Bedroom More Relaxing

December 10, 2017

From a cluttered mess to a master retreat.

I had always dreamed of a bedroom that felt more like a sanctuary than a dumping ground for clothing.  But, no matter how much we decluttered, it never felt relaxing, or that to adults could possibly reside there.  Our big bedroom makeover has paid off in so many ways.  We each spend more time enjoying the one and only bedroom in our apartment.  It has been easier to stay organized and feel in control of the clutter.  The improvements have also created an environment that helps us have better sleeps!  A well rested family is certainly a happier family. I’ve highlighted some of the things that have made a difference in our now relaxing space below.  Hope you enjoy!

I’m Wearing: The comfiest black wrap jumpsuit from Cossac.  Seriously, my favourites rn.

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Holiday Look | Smokey Eye

December 5, 2017

I’m pretty sure it’s actually smoky not smokey, but the makeup world doesn’t seem to care 🤷🏻‍♀️

I roll my eyes at the guidelines for a smokey eyeshadow for brown eyes, as they always state that purple is the way to go.  As though I’m going to slather various shades of purple eyeshadow on my lids and head out for the night.  I think not!  As stubborn as I am about this, I have to confess something to you.  No matter what shade neutral shadow I apply to my lids, it inevitable turns purple!  Look at my lids!  We put brown and copper colours on my eyes and it all morphed into this silver/purple look.  I mean, I know I’m a rule follower, but for even my skin to follow suit.  I just can’t win!

Despite the colour change, it was fun to wear a more dramatic eye than usual to our girl’s night at Savio last month.  Melissa came over earlier and we took some photos and did these fun makeup looks.  If you don’t know my cousin Melissa, you really should.  We literally talk on the phone multiple times a day, every single day LOL.  She’s just getting back into blogging (it was actually Melissa who helped inspire me to originally start this site, so she’s legit an OG blogger) and she had a fun idea to do Blogmas.  Which means that she’s coming out with a brand new post every day until Christmas!  You should probably go subscribe and follow along, or at least give her an Instagram follow @melissa_cartier.  I know she’d really appreciate it!

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The First Monday In December

December 4, 2017

It’s not raining and I have coffee.

My jet lag and anxiety seem to have joined forces to form an unstoppable team of energy suckers.   Bedtime is now comically early and falling asleep is a jarring blackout rather than a peaceful descent into dreamland.  I keep waking up in the middle of the night, convinced that it’s morning.  I actually celebrated a 6 am “sleep in” this past weekend.  I watched ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ and made vegan pancakes before Adam even left for work today.  Am I becoming a morning person?  It’s all so very confusing.

Those two weeks away were very much needed, even if it has been a slower transition back to reality.  As uncomfortable as it can be to shake out of a routine, I realized that I very much craved a reminder that I could push myself.  Cannot wait to tell you all about it soon.  I have to sort out all my thoughts and photos first.  Plus, with the holidays have kind of taken over my life since returning to Vancouver.  Besides sleeping a ton, I also spent this past weekend decorating the apartment and watching as many festive movies as possible.  Unfortunately, I’m also massively behind on holiday content for the blog, which is such a shame because I really had great ideas this time around.  Even if I can only get to a few of them, it’s going to be a mad scramble this week, but we can do it!  There’ll be a big gift guide up in the next few days that I’m super excited about.  Stay tuned!

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Beauty Style

My Drugstore Ponytail Hack

November 19, 2017

Always aiming for maximum ponytail volume ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have to say that teaming up with Goody has been so fun!  When we first kicked off our partnership, they sent a box of their products for me to play around with, which was all kinds of amazing.  I have discovered some new go-to accessories and wanted to share a recent favourite with you.  The best part?  You’ll have the opportunity to WIN a Goody Hair package to try out their accessories as well!  More details coming up on my Insta very soon.

Since I don’t wash my Mufasa mane on the daily, quick and easy styles for second (or third, or fourth) day hair are so important.  A ponytail is obviously a classic style, but I was so excited to discover a little Goody accessory that helps take things to the next level.  With the weight of my hair, a ponytail usually falls flat and the elastic slides down with any movement.  This little comb and elastic combo helps keep things secure and gives that fountain effect at the top for mega volume!  Though I have thicker hair, I did try it out on a friend who has thinner locks and it also worked well for her.

Be sure to check out my other favourite Goody accessories in past posts here and here!  There will also be a HUGE Goody Giveaway on my Instagram in the next few days, so keep an eye out for it!


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