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The Best Jumpsuit There Ever Was

August 16, 2017

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I don’t want you to panic, but there’s only a few sizes left…

We were in Chicago, casually browsing some stores and my sister in law, Anya, went into the J.Crew fitting room to try something on.  I stood with the guys at the entrance of the store to wait for her, when a light blue striped linen fabric caught my eye.  Someone was putting a jumpsuit back on the rack, but it was the only one left.  I walked away from their conversation, laser focused on this new mission, and told myself that if it was in my size, I would just try it on.  I flipped the tag around, and there it was…a 10!  I had to give it a shot!  Not only did it fit like a glove, but the sales associates insisted that I HAD to have it.  Twist my arm.

I knew in my heart that this jumpsuit was the trendy, but classic piece that would get me through summer.  The lightweight linen fabric and comfortable, yet flattering cut have a lot to do with that.  Thanks to its versatility, I’ve worn it to a wide range of events like a dressier patio brunch, a kid’s birthday party, a dinner out, and long haul city sight seeing.  If it were the right one, I would even consider wearing this to a wedding!  Cannot recommend this jumpsuit enough.  If your size is left, I think you should seriously consider going for it.

As I mentioned last week, we took these outfit photos at the New York Public Library and it was THE most gorgeous setting.  The grand marble details were the perfect backdrop for my favourite summer outfit!

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Hi and Low

August 2, 2017

alicia fashionista, vancouver style blog, mid size blogger, canadian fashion blog

This turned into a list of what’s happening this month.  I’m okay with it.

In those moments that the heat is heavy, lingering in the air, and the light hangs on as long as possible, it feels like summer is inching by.  I’ve been doing my best to savour it with each cannon ball into the water, overheated stroll around the neighbourhood, and every completely justifiable ice cream cone.  But, just like that, it’s August.  And thanks to all those years in school, it feels like we’re halfway through this glorious season of recharge.

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Mint To Be

July 26, 2017

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

alicia fashionista, ebates canada, ebates ca review, vancouver fashion blog

The only thing better than online shopping, is earning Cash Back from online shopping.

Have you heard of  It’s honestly my new obsession!  It’s such a smarter way of online shopping, and you know how much I love to get a deal on things. Basically, you earn Cash Back  from purchases you make online from some of your favourite retailers.  That’s right!  You get a percentage back from a purchase you’d already be making and sometimes you even Shop With Double Cash Back – it’s genius!  I signed up about a year ago and it’s so awesome to see those rewards adding up.  Every dollar counts, amiright?!

The list of brands that are a part of Ebates is quite impressive.  There’s a ton of fashion/lifestyle stores that I already frequently order from (and I’m sure you do too)  like Sephora, ASOS, J Crew, Old Navy, Amazon, Nordstrom Rack, Chapters Indigo, etc.  That’s really only the beginning though.  There’s a vast selection of home related companies like 1-800-Got-Junk, Bed Bath and Beyond, CB2, and I definitely JUST made the exciting purchase of a new kitchen faucet through Ebates.  They have a travel category as well, which I’m definitely going to keep in mind next time I book something through Expedia.  They’re also always adding New Stores to the roster, which is a real treat.  One of their latest additions is Moo, where I always get my business cards from.  Can’t wait to order some updated cards!  Ahh, I’m sorry.  I could probably just keep listing brands, but I get so excited!

Which, brings us to today’s outfit!  This mint green dress was a part of my last ASOS purchase.  It was only $30, and yes, it earned me some Cash Back (read below to learn how).  This frock has been a bright and comfortable go-to piece this summer.  Such a great piece to throw on for everyday, I love the ruffle and off the shoulder detail.

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What The Flock

July 17, 2017

alicia fashionista, vancouver fashion blog, canadian style blogger, flamingo blouse

You know I love a good flamingo pun!

It’s taking all of my self control not to begin this post with the riveting fact that my legs are covered in mosquito bites.  But, despite my best efforts, this is still the opening sentence and I can’t stop scratching my legs, like a crazed itchy lunatic.  I know that bitten legs are a sign of a great summer weekend, but man, is it also incredibly annoying and unattractive.

We crossed the border to a friend’s family cabin in Point Roberts on Saturday, which was such a great way to spend the weekend.  I managed to read an entire book, get some sun, and most importantly, watch the doggos run around off leash on the beach.  I love how extra special our mini getaways feel with Reggie in our lives.  Seeing him have a good time makes everything 10 times more fun!  Point Roberts was an interesting place.  I’d never been before, and I had no idea that it was SO close by and basically should just be a part of Canada.  Wish we’d had time to explore a bit more, but we had to get back to run some errands and go to the Counting Crows and Matchbox Twenty concert.  I have to say, the Counting Crows were a massive disappointment.  They played a rather obscure setlist and when they did play the hits, Adam Duritz would play some artsy version that you couldn’t even sing along to.  My cousin’s wife fell asleep during their set!  I mean, it was truly not great.  His voice still sounds amazing, I just think that if you’re playing a nostalgia tour, you should stick to the way the song originally sounds as much as possible.  We’re there for a sing a long!  Anyway, Matchbox Twenty rocked it and their sound was also incredible.  Still glad we went, my cousins are such a blast to hang out with.

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