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April 24, 2017

When Sarah from ARC Apparel reached out to me, I was pretty sure I’d misinterpreted the message.  She mentioned that we’d met years ago through work at a yoga studio nearby and that she’d started this awesome new online store.  The reason behind her email, was to see if I’d be interested in modelling some of her clothing for the site, which I was positive wasn’t actually the case.  I spent a day trying to craft a response that gingerly pointed out that I wear a size 10/large and that maybe she wanted to use someone who was a few sizes smaller?  Her message back to me was lovely and she assured me that ARC carried my sizing and that she’d still love to have me participate.

It wasn’t just a numbers thing that was so incredible (a store that carries my size actually wants to showcase a person who WEARS that size – crazy), but it was also so interesting on a personal career level.  You see, my beginnings within the fashion industry were as a Junior Stylist for a local clothing company.  Though I had many duties within this role, primarily it was to put together/style looks and photograph/edit/post them on the store website.  This, of course, set me up entirely for this weird world of blogging and blossomed my love for styling AND photography.  Back then, the process began tediously with a mannequin and then evolved to sourcing real live women to model.  I adored what I did those years ago and it’s just so funny how full circle life can be, as I was now given the opportunity to relive the good ol’ days, but from other side of the camera!

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The Spring Staples I Can’t Live Without

April 21, 2017

sears spring 2017, favourite spring fashion trends

There are so many trends to love this spring, and one that I am completely smitten with, is the bomber jacket.  I’ve admired from afar for quite some time, but I couldn’t quite get on board with a boxy jacket in a shiny fabric or crazy pattern that took over last season.  And though this particular bomber also came in a fun baby pink that screamed Pink Ladies in the best way, it was ultimately the black and blue that won me over.  It’s quite fitted and I especially adore the striped detailing, that is another highlighted spring trend, and pairs perfectly with simple white runners.  The fabric is more of a matte blue and matches so well with all those basic jeans and tees that I have on repeat always.

To create this sporty (I keep thinking it’s something Betty from Riverdale would rock) head-to-toe look, I partnered with Sears Canada to source the hottest spring trends online and right here at my local store!

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A Little Bit Boho

April 17, 2017

boho outfit ideas, how to wear boho with curves, alicia fashionista, canadian style blog, mavi jeans outfit

I’ve always had this strange and contradicting personality mix.  Though I can be very outgoing, particular (I like using this instead of ‘control freak’), and kind of type a, I can also be incredibly easygoing, agreeable, and introverted.  And what I’ve noticed lately, is that this ends up shining through in my outfits.  One day I’m in head-to-toe boho inspired neutrals and the next, I’m all pops of colour and bold, unexpected silhouettes.  I suppose that’s the beauty of personal style, though I don’t even want to know what that says about me on days that I’m in leggings and a big sweater, hoping not to run into anyone!


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Style Travel

My Travel Style

April 3, 2017

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Samsonite Canada. All opinions are 100% mine.

samsonite carry on, how to pack only a carry on, what to wear on flights, how to make travel easier
I’ve learned many lessons over the years when it comes to comfortable travel.

I was the queen of always overpacking AND over purchasing on trips.  I’d bring impractical bags and always managed to wear the wrong thing on flights.  I’ve dragged broken duffel bags across airports and worst of all, been absolutely freezing cold for an entire transatlantic flight!

Not only are airlines often charging extra for checked bags, there’s an ease and simplicity to travelling light.  Getting ready while abroad becomes so much easier when you’re only armed with your favourite pieces.  It’s great having to maneuver just one bag when you’re doing a lot of moving around on your trip, and especially within in Europe!  There’s often no option of an elevator and an abundance of stairs.

Curious about my must-haves for comfy, but light travel?  Be sure to read on below!

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