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Langley Winery Tour (Self Guided)

July 25, 2017

Heck yes we took a group photo at every single stop on the tour 😂

Did you know that Langley has its own little wine country?  Just a 45(ish) minute car ride from Vancouver.  And you guys, it’s REALLY good!

We had the idea to do a self guided Fraser Valley wine tour at one of our cousin hangouts.  We locked in a date and a plan (we’d take 2 cars and have 2 designated drivers), as well as loose itinerary.  I’m sure the beautiful weather, delicious wine, and great company had a lot to do with it, but it was, hands down, one of my favourite days last summer.

If you are looking for an activity that takes you just out of the city, below is more info about the 3 wineries and 1 cidery we visited!  If you are wanting to do a full day trip, I recommend heading to Fort Langley in the morning, getting brunch, exploring the cute little shops, walking the riverfront, and then setting out on a wine tour!

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Travel Vancouver

10 Beautiful Weekend Trips From Vancouver

July 19, 2017

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Pack your bags, we’re going to beautiful BC and beyond!

Vancouver is an absolutely stunning city that boasts it all: a bustling metropolis, impressive mountain ranges, Pacific coastline, and lush forests.  So, it should come as no surprise, that the surrounding areas are just as Instagram-worthy!  I adore a weekend trip, as a chance to get out of the city and explore. Below,  I’ve compiled a list of 10 of my favourite nearby places to escape to, but truly, there could be at least a dozen more notable locations.  There’s just so much to see!

Be sure to read on to find out where we love to travel to for a weekend getaway:

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Beauty Vancouver

The Best Places To Get Pampered in Vancouver | #604Guide

May 4, 2017

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I don’t know if I’ve really explained this, but since I spend so much time in this city, I want to pass on more Vancouver guides and recommendations.  Whether you’re visiting or live just down the street, the beauty of a city is that there’s always something new to discover!  I created the hashtag #604Guide (that I see a couple of random other people have used once or twice…maybe I’m onto something?) because I thought the hashtag would be a cool way to collect ideas on Insta and then I’d create more comprehensive guides and lists here on the blog!

What I wanted to share today was a list I’ve been working on that includes some of my favourite spots around town to kick back, relax, and get beautified!  Self care is so important and no matter what your budget or availability, you can definitely squeeze in a pampering session every once in a while!  From massages, facials, makeup, nails, and brows, you’ll have to read on to find out where you should treat yo self in Vancouver.

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Travel Vancouver

A Stormy Start

January 4, 2017

bowen island, bc storm 2017, bc wind storm, vancouver lifestyle blog, alicia fashionista

Whenever I’ve watched one of those movies where a series of silly and exaggerated events takes place over just one night, I always have to point out that, “yeah, that stuff just doesn’t happen in real life.”  But, I’m here to admit that I was wrong.  In fact, my year started out with one wild overnight Adventures in Babysitting-esque adventure.  Let me start from the beginning.

Our New Year’s Eve was a quiet and slightly snowy one.  We met up with some of our friends at their family cabin on Bowen Island.  To give you an idea, Bowen is a small island, just a 20 minute ferry ride from West Vancouver.  There’s really just one main road, one main street with shops and a very West Coast island feel.  If you’d like, you can watch my Bowen VLOG to get a better sense (note in the video how outrageously tall all of the trees are).  A real sign of the times (#thisis30), we were there with our friends Tessa and AJ, who have a 5 month old, Pia and Jim, who are expecting their first any day now, their friends who have a 9 month old, and then us with our pup.  We rang in 2017 in our pjs with Cards Against Humanity while the babies slept, laughing at how much life has changed.  Our running hypothetical scenario was about pregnant Pia going into labour on NYE while we were isolated on the island.  A very probable scenario, we compared possible solutions, like doctors and midwives on the island, or a helicopter lift to the hospital.  We all eased Pia and her husband Jim’s worries with these options, assuring them that her water likely wasn’t going to break anytime soon.

The next morning, I was woken up by Reg launching himself onto the bed and attacking my face with snuggles, as he and Adam returned from their morning walk.  “It’s really windy out there today,” Adam pointed out, as I desperately tried to fend off our hyper dog.  I hopped out of bed enthusiastically at the notion of a large pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen and followed my boys downstairs.  The cooing of our youngest house mates echoed throughout the recently renovated open concept living area.  The gorgeous oversized floor to ceiling wall of windows showed off that delicious winter morning light, covering the nearby Sunshine Coast in an almost reflective golden light.  I grabbed my camera and decided to step outside, hoping to capture the stunning view for the gram.  I’d barely turned the door handle, when it went flying open, nearly blowing me and the door away.  I hesitated, thinking that maybe without shoes or a coat on, being outside in this wind wasn’t the best idea, but of course decided to just be quick.  When I stepped back in, Adam turned to me and said, “Reggie won’t eat his breakfast.  I wonder if he’s not feeling well.”  I looked down at that scruffy little pup and pointlessly asked him what was wrong.  You could hear his stomach gurgling and we chalked it up to be a sore tummy.

Everyone had a leisurely morning, and we started making breakfast around 10.  Someone pointed out that since it was a holiday, the ferry times were noon and 3:10 pm and we all agreed that the later one was our best bet since we were mid cooking and still had to tidy the cabin.  Reggie kept pacing around, stopping in the oddest spots to stand super straight, tail between his legs, then he’d lay down somewhere, only to become restless again.  “Maybe something bad is going to happen,” AJ declared, “dogs know these things.  People say that their dogs act strange before earthquakes and stuff.” We all looked at each other and agreed, but shrugged it off, saying that he probably just ate something weird.

As we were cleaning the place, I was overcome with anxiety, and noticed that Adam was as well.  We just couldn’t figure out why we were so nervous about catching the 3:10 ferry home and decided together that we should leave extra early to ensure we got on the boat.  We loaded our vehicle, helped tidy around, and then awkwardly left in a hurry before our friends had loaded their kids into the cars.  Our drive to the ferry terminal from the cabin is always a winding one, but there were tons of extra obstacles on this particular afternoon.  We had to go extra slow to swerve and avoid oversized branches and other debris that littered the road, as the huge trees exaggeratedly swayed from side to side above us.

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