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5 Budget-Friendly Ways To Spruce Up Your Place

February 16, 2017

Our apartment has undergone a major transformation and I am so excited to finally start sharing some of it with you!  I’ve mentioned it a million times, but with some terrible luck, we just so happened to have two floods almost exactly a year apart (it’s always in February, so I’m understandably a bit on edge).  Though they were an absolute pain at the time, both taught us valuable lessons about our home.  First, we learned that we had WAY too much stuff.  Having to pack up your things with a days notice really makes you realize the weight of everything you own.  Also, that we’d become complacent to feeling ‘meh’ about our apartment.  It’s so easy to just live amongst within growing clutter, furniture you don’t love, or the same old decor.  Change requires effort, and let’s face it, a lot of the time that energy is justified elsewhere.  But, I’ll tell you, after basically being forced into redecorating when our second flood hit, we realized that we could learn to love our space again.

Though we allocated a more significant budget to larger furniture swaps like our dining table and chairs, a couch, our Sayulita Chair, and wall mounted shelves, we also added a lot of smaller touches that helped make our apartment feel brand new without breaking the bank.

Large Framed Print
Under $50

Inspired by all the beautiful fine art prints I’ve seen online, I decided to try a DIY version.  It seemed a waste not to use one of my own photos and it’s such a great conversation piece in our dining room.  The project ended up being extremely simple, the toughest part was that I had to shed a tiny bit off my printed photo in order for it to fit into the frame.  It’s so wonderful seeing the stunning Amalfi Coast on our wall every day, and I feel a real sense of pride that it’s my own photo (and that I managed to achieve the look for under $50).

Pictured: IKEA Ribba Frame ($20) and Large Photo Printed at Costco ($18)

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Shipyards North Van Night Market

August 12, 2016

north vancouver markey, shipyards night market, what to do in vancouver, summer events vancouver, alicia fashionista

When we decided to make this summer more of a staycation, we made a list of all the fun events and activities to do around the city.  One of the main things we wanted to check out was the Shipyards Night Market in North Vancouver!  It happens every Friday night and though the original plan was to go with a big group of friends, it was an awesome impulsive date night!

The event is FREE which is crazy because there’s so much to see and do.  We really weren’t sure what to expect and were blown away by all the work and detail that must go into making this happen every week.  It makes me really happy to see such a fun initiative in North Van, we already can’t wait to go back!  Read on to find out why:

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August 9, 2016

simple healthy pancakes, vegan pancake recipe, banana pancakes no egg, healthy vegan pancake recipes

Ever since I figured out that I have a severe sensitivity to eggs, brunch hasn’t been the same.  My trade off for no stomach aches was to cut eggs benny out of my weekending and it has been quite the compromise. Alas, my new mission in life is to find exciting vegan-ish breakfast options!  What I especially love about this recipe is that it’s quite hearty, which seems to satisfy both a sweet and savoury craving.

These banana pancakes are simple and delicious, thanks google!  Originally found these on Hurry The Food Up, where they also provide some nutritional information. I made a couple adjustments myself (the chocolate, obviously) and mine of course didn’t turn out looking anything like theirs.  I’ve never tried cooking them with a lid on top of the pan, but maybe I’ll give that a go this Saturday!

If you’re looking for a new breakfast idea, I cannot recommend these enough!  This particular recipe makes plenty for 2 people, and we usually like to save a couple leftover pancakes to heat up the next day.  When you put in the effort to make a breakfast, it’s a bonus being able to have leftovers as well!  And, the only reason that I cannot classify this exact recipe as vegan, is that I’m a chocolate fiend and added chocolate chips AND some slivers of baking chocolate to the recipe.  I mean, if you’re going for it, really go for it, right?!  Hope you enjoy xo

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Avocado Mango Salsa

July 30, 2016

alicia fashionista, summer side dishes, best appetizer ideas, mango avocado salsa, simple mango recipe

Avocado?  Love!  Mango?  Good!  Salsa?  The best!  Which, is exactly why I went crazy for this Avocado Mango Salsa the first time I tried it.  A recipe from my sister in law, Kat, this summer side is a crowd favourite served as an appetizer with some tortilla chips.  It also pairs really well with grilled summer vegetables, or a main like tuna (I don’t eat meat or seafood, this is Kat’s recommendation).   Prep time is minimal, and it can be served right away or chilled in the fridge for a short period of time.  Hope you enjoy it!

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