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5 Helpful Things Every Dog Owner Needs

October 4, 2017

5 things every dog owner needs, helpful items for dog owners, alicia fashionista, vancouver lifestyle blog

Okay, these aren’t necessities, but I’m pawsitive you’ll love them!

Hey guys, Alicia here with yet another post about our pup.  What can I say?  It’s Reggie’s world and we just live in it.

Everyone knows the list of basics that you need when you get a dog like a collar, leash, harness, dog tag, food/water dishes, comfy bed, treats, etc.  But, there’s a few things we’ve acquired over the past year that aren’t necessarily top of mind, but have been super helpful day to day.  Adam and I worked together on this one, but that turned it into quite the random list.  Hope you enjoy!

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Our Bedroom Makeover | Part 1: The BEFORE

June 5, 2017

small bedroom makeover, alicia fashionista, amanda hamilton design, small apartment bedroom ideas

Our bedroom has been in desperate need of a makeover from the very beginning.  When I moved in with Adam, we sold of his Ikea bedroom set and brought in mine.  A bed and 2 dressers that, at the time of purchase, my parents threatened “I had to keep for the rest of my life”  if he was going to spend that kind of money.  I think I took their words a bit too literally.  The makeshift wire shelf over top of a single bar closet system is the bane of my existence.  The amount of wasted space in there is astonishing.  As part of the tornado of clutter I brought into Adam’s life, we purchased an Ikea system in an attempt to contain my wardrobe.  Surprisingly, it was not enough space.  I usually keep a pile of clothing on my side of the bed instead.

Turns out, bringing in these mismatched oversized furniture pieces began my hatred for the room.  Nothing is symmetrical.  Adam’s “nightstand” is a chair with clutter on it.  I don’t even have one, I just open a drawer to the tall dresser and place my phone on it.  We lay in bed to face a mounted tv, that, when we moved in together, my dad insisted “was a necessity if we were to have a successful relationship”.  We’ve used it maybe 4 times total.  We’re lacking storage.  Nothing matches.  We never even open the curtains to let daylight in.  Our bedroom looks like a sad, pet-friendly dorm room.  The worst part?  I moved in 6 years ago.  We have lived like this for over 6 years.

As the housing market in Vancouver has gone bananas, we’ve decided to stay in our 700 square feet and make improvements.  So, following our second apartment flood, which gifted us with beautiful new floors, we have slowly but surely been updating the rest of our space.  It has been such a fun project for me, but when it came to our bedroom, I was stuck.

We saved up some money and enlisted the help of an interior designer.  It has been the best decision we’ve made with our apartment so far.  The amazing team at Amanda Hamilton Interior Design has been such a joy to work with and has left me wondering why we didn’t just ask for help sooner.

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Beauty Home

Fresh Balayage Vlog

May 18, 2017

brunette balayage, long hair golden balayage, alicia fashionista, chris weber, artel salon vancouver

The last time I consistently coloured my hair, I was 19, single, and testing out the theory that blondes have more fun.  And though, I ended up not being able to afford the upkeep, I always felt really confident with the lighter locks and look back at those years with such fond memories.  I’m obviously a natural brunette (those Asian genetics are strong within the Quan family) but truthfully, I feel the most ‘me’ with some lighter colour mixed in there too.  Maybe it even has something deep down to do with my mixed heritage.  I’ve truthfully never considered that until this very moment.

I recently shared what I learned about going golden balayage, but since the lovely Rosie left town, I was desperate looking for a new stylist.  I was so excited when THE Chris Weber suggested that I see him with the help of his friend Ali Eskridge.  You see, Ali just moved back to Vancouver from NYC and is building up her local client base and Chris is technically full and unable to squeeze in new guests.  Teaming up was a brilliant idea, and two senior stylists and 3.5 hours later, they created absolute creamy balayage magic!  If you’re also in need of stylist, Ali is your gal, she was beyond awesome!

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5 Budget-Friendly Ways To Spruce Up Your Place

February 16, 2017

Our apartment has undergone a major transformation and I am so excited to finally start sharing some of it with you!  I’ve mentioned it a million times, but with some terrible luck, we just so happened to have two floods almost exactly a year apart (it’s always in February, so I’m understandably a bit on edge).  Though they were an absolute pain at the time, both taught us valuable lessons about our home.  First, we learned that we had WAY too much stuff.  Having to pack up your things with a days notice really makes you realize the weight of everything you own.  Also, that we’d become complacent to feeling ‘meh’ about our apartment.  It’s so easy to just live amongst within growing clutter, furniture you don’t love, or the same old decor.  Change requires effort, and let’s face it, a lot of the time that energy is justified elsewhere.  But, I’ll tell you, after basically being forced into redecorating when our second flood hit, we realized that we could learn to love our space again.

Though we allocated a more significant budget to larger furniture swaps like our dining table and chairs, a couch, our Sayulita Chair, and wall mounted shelves, we also added a lot of smaller touches that helped make our apartment feel brand new without breaking the bank.

Large Framed Print
Under $50

Inspired by all the beautiful fine art prints I’ve seen online, I decided to try a DIY version.  It seemed a waste not to use one of my own photos and it’s such a great conversation piece in our dining room.  The project ended up being extremely simple, the toughest part was that I had to shed a tiny bit off my printed photo in order for it to fit into the frame.  It’s so wonderful seeing the stunning Amalfi Coast on our wall every day, and I feel a real sense of pride that it’s my own photo (and that I managed to achieve the look for under $50).

Pictured: IKEA Ribba Frame ($20) and Large Photo Printed at Costco ($18)

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