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December Makeup Favourites

December 13, 2016

alicia fashionista, canadian beauty blogger, easy winter makeup looks, vancouver lifestyle blog

Compared to my summer ‘no makeup makeup’ look, the winter face is about a little more drama.  At this time of year, I’m always looking for more coverage (I’m still on the hunt for a great foundation, any recommendations?).  I love an everyday winged liner because I’m basic like that, but have been playing around with eyeshadows too.  It’s fun to take something (makeup) that I’m not very experienced in and commit to trying to master it.  And by master it, I just mean learn your basic skills but be okay at them.

I’ve discovered some really great products along the way that you can shop below:

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Picture Perfect For The Holidays

November 11, 2016

alicia fashionista, ballerina bun tutorial, holiday hair ideas

This post was sponsored by Dove, Nexxus, TRESemmé and Shoppers Drug Mart. The opinions expressed herein are my own, and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Dove, Nexxus, TRESemmé and Shoppers Drug Mart

Can you even believe that it’s already time to talk holiday hair?! November means that party season is JUST around the corner and amongst all the gift buying, my to-do list for the next few months includes sourcing the right outfits and hairstyles to look and feel my best. I absolutely love this time of year, don’t you?

I narrowed down a few favourite Shoppers Drug Mart hair products below and even put them to the test for photo ready holiday hair. Be sure to read on to see how it all turned out!

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No Makeup Makeup

August 30, 2016

vancouver beauty blogger, how to get the no makeup makeup look, alicia fashionista, half asian blogger

I have spent years trying to perfect the no makeup makeup look.  The key is definitely skin, so what I really wanted was light but full coverage, which is kind of like asking for a unicorn for your birthday.  I’ve started a new cleansing skincare routine (revealing that on Instagram on Thursday, stay tuned) which has helped me with redness and clearer skin, but the challenge remains with coverage.  The real miracle, is that I just might have found the right formula!

The look we’re going for, is even, glowing skin, natural brows, and exaggerated lashes.  Below are a few favourite products that have worked well all summer!

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How To Step Up Your Summer Skincare

August 18, 2016

dove body wash, alicia fashionista, vancouver beauty blogger, best drugstore body wash

I swear that I reach near-reptile status in the summer months.  All that sun exposure really dries my skin and I’m probably not keeping as hydrated as I should be (note to self: drink more water).  To avoid further damaging my skin, I was more than happy to give Dove‘s newest body washes a try.  Really, anything that could possibly help me get that healthy, natural summertime glow back!

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